Rug Radio PFP Mint Including Other Communities

Rug Radio PFP Mint Including Other Communities
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Rug Radio founder, Farokh, tweeted a mint update for Faces of Web3 by Cory Van Lew including the extension of the mint to partner communities. 

❗ Why It Matters

So far 13,500 PFPs have been minted by 4,000+ Rug Radio holders in Wave 1, and the allowlist for Wave 2 of the mint is being extended to other NFT communities to allow more people to be onboarded into the Rug Radio ecosystem. 

It's beneficial for holders of those other communities because if they win the PREMINT raffle, they can then decide on if they want to mint - without having a Rug Radio Genesis NFT and 690 $RUG. At the time of writing, the Faces of Web3 floor price is 0.14.

The Deets

  • The list closes at 2:00 a.m. ET, and mint opens Thursday at 10:30 a.m. ET. 
  • 0.069 ETH mint price, max mint of 1 per wallet.
  • 2,500 spots reserved for Rug Radio Membership Pass holders, the rest of the communities will receive varying quantities of raffle spots. 
    • i.e. BAYC/MAYC are getting 350 spots, Azuki/Pudgy Penguins 100 spots, Wolf Game 50 spots, GCG 25 spots, etc.
  • Whatever is left will go into Wave 3 public mint shortly after the completion of wave 2
  • Reveal happening "very early next week!"

🎬 Take Action

  1. Check if you are one of the included eligible communities (pictured below, listed in this tweet thread, and also on the Premint page)
  2. Register on PREMINT before 2:00 a.m. ET

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