Voting Is Live for Four New Rug Radio DAO Proposals

Voting Is Live for Four New Rug Radio DAO Proposals
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The voting is live on Snapshot for four new Rug DAO proposals that collectively aim to bring long-term value to the Rug Radio ecosystem, per a tweet from @RugRadio.

The Deets:

  • Expanding $Rug to $RDAO Conversion Access to the wider Rug Radio ecosystem
  • Enhancing Genesis Rug NFT Utility and rewarding long-term holders
  • Incentivizing Web 3 engagement and Rug Radio DAO growth
  • Establishing a Small Grants Committee for efficient resource allocation

The Details:

The first proposal, "Expanding $Rug to $RDAO Conversion Access to the Wider Rug Radio Ecosystem," aims to allow all Rug Radio NFT holders (Membership Passes, Genesis Rug NFTs, and Cory Van Lew PFPs) the ability to convert the $RUG token they earn through the rewards program into the $RDAO governance tokenThis will let all Rug Radio NFT holders, many creators, and many more Rug Radio ecosystem participants join the Rug DAO and help pave the way for a truly decentralized web3 media platform.

The second proposal, "Enhancing Genesis Rug NFT Utility and Rewarding Long-term Holders," encourages a set-builder mentality for all of the varying Genesis Rug NFTs. By holding complete 16 meme card sets of the differing roles and complete sets of all 4 roles of the same meme, holders can now be rewarded with $Rug tokens.

The third proposal, "Incentivizing Web 3 Engagement and Rug Radio DAO Growth," will give the hosts of the GM Web3 show as well as the Rug Radio core team and DAO Council representatives attending the NFT Lisbon conference in June the ability to invite industry leaders into the Rug DAO. The Rug DAO treasury will provide enough $Rug tokens to convert into 100 $RDAO tokens so the team can gift one each to other Web 3 founders, builders, artists, and creators to energize the Rug DAO with new concepts and ideas.

Lastly, the "Small Grants Committee Proposal" intends to establish a Small Grants Committee, enabling the Rug DAO to efficiently pay builders and creators who do small jobs or build low-cost tools for the DAO without having to create a new proposal for every small task contracted.

โ— Why It Matters

These four proposals could bring significant long-term value to the Rug Radio ecosystem by expanding access, fostering long-term holding, incentivizing engagement, and creating a more streamlined process to efficiently allocate resources.

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

Visit the Snapshot link here ( to see further details of each proposal, cast your vote, and help shape the future of the Rug Radio ecosystem.

๐Ÿ”™ Back It Up

Farokh gave a helpful outline of the @RugRadio ecosystem, which is composed of three NFT collections and two ERC-20s, in a tweet last week.

The Rug Radio Genesis NFT is the main NFT since it yields $RUG daily. The Rug Radio Faces of Web3 by Cory Van Lew collection is a PFP that represents and shows support for the brand, and the Rug Radio Membership Pass can also be used to participate in the rewards program.

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