A Champion Will Wait

A Champion Will Wait
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Yuga Labs will take more time to review Dookey Dash scores and a winner will not be announced until next week, according to a recent tweet from the company. 

❗ Why it Matters

Yuga will now delay awarding "The Key" to the top Dookey Dash scorer until Feb. 15. But it also is affecting other key dates the team had teased, delaying many. 

The Deets

Yuga announced an updated timeline for a handful of upcoming events:

  • 2/22: Lick the Toad: Gary is going toad collecting… and you’re going with him. All claimed Sewer Passes can re-enter the sewer for an opportunity to earn a companion trait for their Power Sources.
  • 3/8: The Summoning will begin and all eligible Sewer Passes will be able to be burned to receive their Power Source.
  • Late March: We’ll get the first look at the reveal of the Power Source’s Mech types and more details on the collection.
  • Early April: Power Sources will receive their final metadata update to reveal their Mech. Hold them close and keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come following the reveal.

In addition, Yuga reiterated that buying a Sewer Pass NFT now is risky as scores attributed to passes may be subject to removal as they conduct their fairness testing.


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