SupDucks Updating $VOLT Tokenomics

SupDucks Updating $VOLT Tokenomics
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SupDucks announced that its token, $VOLT, will have its tokenomics changed for how the token will be earned. The team recognized that there were some necessary improvements, and announced the plans to stop earning $VOLT passively via a Twitter thread on Friday afternoon.

SupDucks plan to transition the earning system of the token to a “Participate to Earn” model, to benefit those holders who are more active in the community. New features and ways to earn $VOLT in the ecosystem will be announced in the near future.

The first way to participate and earn will be through Twitter engagement. If you hold a SupDuck, KingFrog, or MegaToad and engage with the official @RealSupDucks Twitter account, you can be rewarded through $VOLT.

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