6529 Collections Meme Card #26 Goes Live

6529 Collections Meme Card #26 Goes Live

The 6529 Collections dropped its latest NFT edition today with Meme Card #26, which sold out in about ten minutes. The team behind 6529 Collections published all the relevant information in a Twitter thread this morning.

This edition of 769 is from Ty Lekki and is called "100 Trillion Stars, 100 Million People." The mint was fully allowlisted, for holders of 6529 Collection NFTs and Ty Lekki holders. The mint price was set at the standard 0.06529 ETH.

Ty Lekki is a photographer and digital artist, focusing recently on 360-degree virtual reality style photo art. 

Regarding the mint distribution, all of Ty Lekki's holders, all 91 holders of the full Meme Card set, and 20 random 6529 Gradient holders were airdropped the Meme Card #26. From there the team allow listed the Top 200 Meme Cards HODLers with 3 AL spots, the next Top 300 Meme Cards HODLers with 2 AL spots, and the remaining Meme Cards HODLers with 1 AL spot.

As of 11:15 a.m. ET the set has sold out and holds a 0.099 ETH floor. Head to the secondary market for trading, if interested.

More about The Memes by 6529

At the time of publish, the The Memes by 6529 floor price sits at 0.1365 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 87 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, no sharp wallets have bought or sold NFTs in the the The Memes by 6529 collection. Catch up on other recent The Memes by 6529 news here.

Recent The Memes by 6529 Sales

#42sold at 12/08 7:12am for
#18sold at 12/08 7:12am for
#29sold at 12/08 6:12am for
#8sold at 12/08 3:12am for
#43sold at 12/08 2:12am for

Recent The Memes by 6529 Listings

#31listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#37listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#6listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#38listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#7listed at 12/08 8:12am for
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