gm NFTs Feb. 11: TIMEPieces, A0K1VERSE Mints, Karafuru Rising

gm NFTs Feb. 11: TIMEPieces, A0K1VERSE Mints, Karafuru Rising
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Top NFT News Today:

  • TIMEPieces: Slices of Time
  • A0K1VERSE Partner Mint Presale
  • Karafuru Rising


TIMEPieces: Slices of Time?

TIMEPieces: Slices of TIME is the second collection in the "TIMEPieces" series, which are representations of nearly 4,000 TIME covers since 1923. Over 4,000 of the NFTs were minted during the presale yesterday, with the remaining to be minted starting at 10 a.m. ET today. Collectors have the opportunity to determine the collection’s rarity at every step. Holders will have the chance to participate in a 10-day trade and burn period of their NFTs, from February 14-23. This is a new mechanism we haven't seen from other projects, so we will be sure to provide updates as TIMEPieces: Slices of TIME continues to develop.


A0K1VERSE Partner Mint Presale

Steve Aoki NFT Holders can redeem their Free Credits to the A0K1VERSE until February 11 at 6 p.m ET. Presale for Aoki NFT Holders and Partners will be able to start minting on February 12 at 6 p.m ET for 48 hours before the Public Sale. There are 24 projects that qualify for the presale, including 888 Inner Circle, Doodles, Rug Radio among others. Starting February 22nd, A0K1VERSE citizens will be able to redeem their credits for a personal passport.


Karafuru Rising

Karafuru leads our daily rankings, eclipsing 25,000 ETH in secondary sales since launch a week ago. The floor rose from about 3 ETH to over 5 ETH after the reveal yesterday. Karafuru was created by Museum of Toys, a toy creator from Jakarta, and the roadmap includes physical toys connected to your NFT. Karafuru released and updated the roadmap early this morning. Key items included: 3D Karafurus, real-life physical toys, and a "Karafuru Carnival" that will bring benefits to holders of the NFT.


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