Daily NFT Volume Report, June 29 | NFT Trading Volumes Remain Low

Daily NFT Volume Report, June 29 | NFT Trading Volumes Remain Low

This week has matched much of what we've become accustomed to in NFT markets, low trading volumes. Today looks to be no different as no "blue-chip" collection has seen more than 1,000 ETH traded in the past 24 hours. 

The lack of volume has kept floor prices in check though, as no aforementioned collection has moved more than 10 percent in either direction. For more information on the real-time NFT market, refer to our project rankings page.

*All data is taken from the Lucky Trader Project Rankings page and is based on the last 24 hours of volume unless stated otherwise.

Free Mints

This is a topic that we touched on yesterday but deserves to be revisited as over the last week there have been plenty of notable free-mints demanding legitimate secondary volume. 

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Moonrunners 1,010.00 +30.49% 0.39 -22.00%
MoonPepes 89.00 -80.65% 0.03 -66.00%
Moonturtlez 32.00 -88.36% 0.01 -71.88%

Moonrunners is the most notable of the bunch, consistently battling for the top volume spot each day this week. The pixelated wolf project is the only NFT project to do more than 1,000 ETH in sales volume during the last 24 hours.

The project still remains dominant in terms of volume but the floor has been unable to hold up, declining another 22 percent today. While it is not possible to say the exact causation of the downtrend it is notable that out of projects with more than 300 ETH traded today (excluding ENS), Moonrunners is the only project with more than seven percent of its total supply listed. 

MoonPepes and Moonturtlez have both seen big decreases in floor price as well. As is the case with most cheap and or free mints, once the demand begins to weaken, the potato continues to get hotter and there are fewer users waiting there to catch it. 


The project currently ranks sixth in trading volume today with 337 ETH traded at the time of writing. Yet, more than 33 percent of this volume comes from the sale of a Cosmic Moonbird by former COO, Ryan Carson

Blue Chips

As mentioned earlier, blue chip NFTs have been trending sideways this week. While none of the projects have done more than 1,000 ETH in trading volume, none of them have seen a major fall in floor price either.

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change  Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Bored Ape Yacht Club 384.00 -45.14% 90.97 -0.02%
Moonbirds 337.00 +81.18% 20.65 +3.62%
Clone X 283.00 +3.66% 11.35 +4.61%
Doodles 133.00 -71.58% 13.60 +0.00%
Azuki 179.00 +35.61% 10.60 -1.85%

Bored Ape Yacht Club has only seen five total sales in this time span, or about one sale every five hours. 

Clone X has been trading at a consistent daily volume all week, but speculation of 3D files coming for holders could be a reason the floor price has been holding up despite lower volume.

Doodles announced that its "Bucket Auction" would begin today at 7:00 pm ET. The full details were unveiled almost exactly 24 hours ago, but the market did not respond positively. The project's trading volume has decreased by more than 70 percent day over day. 

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