gm NFTs Feb 1: Cool Pets Are Here, charity:water Campaign

gm NFTs Feb 1: Cool Pets Are Here, charity:water Campaign
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Cryptocurrencies are rebounding, but NFTs keep going up. In this edition of gm NFTs, we'll talk about the latest drops, reveals, and more for the day, February 1, 2022.


Top NFT News Today:

  • Cool Pets Allowlist Minting 
  • charity:water Campaign
  • Market Risers


Cool Pets Are Here! 


Cool Pets, a companion collection to Cool Cats, finally dropped yesterday for Cool Cat holders. Holders were able to access one Cool Pet Egg per Cool Cat NFT they own. The claiming period went live around 5:00 p.m. ET yesterday, after delays pushed back the process approximately seven hours.  

At 2:00 p.m. ET today it is expected that the allowlist group of minters will be able to adopt their Cool Pet Eggs. The price is set at 0.5 ETH per Cool Pet and each allowlist member is allotted one egg. Minters will have around 24 hours to adopt their egg, and the remaining excess will be pushed into the public sale. The total supply for the collection is capped at 19,999 for this drop. Information about the project's upcoming utility token, $MILK, is now available, along with some gameplay mechanics can be found in our guide to Cool Pets. To listen to more about Cool Pets check our Lucky Trader Lounge from yesterday's drop!




Lucky Trader and Fractional Partner with charity: water for Charitable Campaign 

Yesterday we announced in partnership with Fractional, the start of a charitable campaign to help bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries around the globe. Willing participants can donate directly through the charity:water website, and if your ETH address has previously been connected to Lucky Trader, you'll receive a pair of badges when viewing the donations on the Lucky Trader Leaderboard! All donors will receive a POAP, but the top will receive fractionalized pieces from TJ Thorne's Ebb and Flow photography collection. To learn more about the campaign, read through our official announcement


Blue Chips Rise 


Is it time to firmly establish the last week as an NFT bull market? OpenSea has broken its previous volume records, LooksRare is trading millions (even when you remove the wash trading), and excitement is everywhere. There is a lot of chatter about more big brands entering the space, a potential Bored Ape appearance at the Super Bowl, and so much more helping to drive adoption and interest from the depths of the internet. Over the course of the last week, we've seen the following meteoric rise from notable collections: 

Just a short time ago, it was seemingly unfathomable that this many projects could command such an ETH or USD price. To continue monitoring the price movement of the top collections, or set alerts to be notified when a certain floor price is met, check out our project rankings page! 

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