gm NFTs Feb. 10: Another Attempt at Cool Pets Public, Karafuru Reveal

gm NFTs Feb. 10: Another Attempt at Cool Pets Public, Karafuru Reveal
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Top NFT News Today:

  • Cool Pets Public Sale??
  • Karafuru NFT Reveal 
  • Chain Runners announce Metaverse Plans and Project Expansion
  • Salesforce and "NFT Cloud"
  • Notorious Alien Space Agents/Crypto Beauties Presale



Cool Pets Public Sale.. Finally?

After another delay yesterday, the Cool Pets team announced in their Twitter Space last night of plans to launch again today at noon ET. The team was unable to successfully deter bot attacks on two separate occasions as they looked to drop the final batch of Cool Pets to the public yesterday.  Despite the delays, the project holds a floor price of around 2.5 ETH and is ranked 11 in total trading volume over the course of the last seven days. 


Karafuru NFT Reveal 

The number one project in volume traded over the last seven days is Karafuru. The project has done nearly 16,000 in ETH trading on the secondary market at OpenSea, with a floor price for the 5,555 piece collection at 3.65 ETH at the time of writing. The reveal is slated to take place at 10:00 am ET. After reveal, you can explore the asset collection at the button below! 


Chain Runners announce MetaVerse Plans/Official Project Expansion

Last night on February 9, 2022, the Chain Runners and Nifty Island teams announced their partnership going forward as the on-chain projects looks to expansion into the open metaverse.  This partnership will solidify Chain Runners a spot on Nifty Island and access to the early Alpha.  See official tweet on Nifty Island Twitter here

The Chain Runners team recently revealed news of their first official expansion - Devices & Daemons.  Devices will be holders connection to "The Chain," while Daemons are loyal programs that will have future utility going forward as the developers continue to build out their plans for the Runnerverse. More info about the Devices, Daemons, lore, and drop structure to be announced at a future date.  Join the Discord to stay up-to-date on all announcements.   





Salesforce Leaks News of "NFT Cloud"

Recently, Salesforce employees have leaked news from an online sales meeting of potential plans to enter the NFT space with a cloud-based content and marketplace system.  According to employees of knowledge, co-CEOs Mark Benoiff and Bret Taylor strategized about implementing an "OpenSea-like" service for NFT artists to create content and release it on a marketplace where Salesforce could integrate their own tools, bringing blockchain technology into their enterprise.  Marc Benoiff is also the owner of Time USA LLC, the parent company of TIME magazine, which has released the digital collection TIMEPieces.


Notorious Alien Space Agents (NASA) and Crypto Beauties Presale

Two projects that have gathered a good amount of social media hype start their presale minting today. 

Notorious Alien Space Agents (NASA) is a unique collection of 5,555 alien NFTs with future play-to-earn mechanics coming to the Ethereum blockchain.  The Notorious Alien brand and product team features a handful of Coinbase engineers and designers, while featuring animators with works from Nickelodeon, and artist with works from Disney, Marvel, and Playboy.  The NASA Twitter has accumulated over 22.5K followers and over 18.7K members on Discord in the lead up to mint. Presale Mint for OG Whitelist Agent and Reserved Whitelist Agent roles opens at 7:00 PM EST and is open for 24 hours.  

Crypto Beauties is a unique collection of 11,111 pixelated beauties on the Ethereum blockchain.  Crypto Beauties was originally slated to be on-chain, but has recently switched to an "Azuki-style" ERC-721A contract framework, as the team experienced higher than usual gas costs when testing the implementation.  Crypto Beauties has selected two women's empowerment organizations, Every Mother Counts and Girls Who Code, to receive 26 ETH in donations.  The Crypto Beauties Discord sits at 46.3k members as we approach presale mint.  



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