gm NFTs Mar 8: Market Movers, Gutter Clones, New Drops

gm NFTs Mar 8: Market Movers, Gutter Clones, New Drops
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Overall NFT volume increased 20% on Monday, but still posted one of the lowest daily candles of 2022 with just $59mm traded. But it was enough to pull some projects back in to the green, and we have a big day of news and drops ahead of us to hopefully maintain the upwards momentum.

Top news:

  • Market movers
  • Gutter Clones
  • Today's drops

Market Movers

After what seemed like a blood bath in the NFT markets over the weekend and into Monday, we saw a slight rebound into the evening and overnight. Of the top 10 daily movers, 5 posted floor price increases on the day.


Top Movers:

  • BAYC with 2800 ETH traded, 73.5 ETH floor (up 2%)
  • CyberBrokers with 2700 ETH traded, 1.98 ETH floor (up 16%)
  • CloneX with 1100 ETH traded, 11.2 ETH floor (down 1.5%)

Biggest Winners:

  • Quirkies up 34% to 0.9 ETH floor
  • CryptoCovens up 28% to 1.09 ETH floor
  • Rug Radio Membership up 29% to 0.08 ETH floor

Notable Losers:

  • Tubby Cats down 23% to 0.21 ETH floor
  • Starcatchers down 22% to 0.28 ETH floor
  • Nuclear Nerds down 19% to 0.29 ETH floor

Gutter Clones

The Gutter Cat project had a highly anticipated town hall meeting Monday evening, and it didn't disappoint. Amidst a series of other announcements, including more detail on the Puma partnership, the team revealed Gutter Clones!

Gutter Juices (DNA Vials) will be airdropped to all holders of any of the Gutter Cat NFT family today (snapshot taken sometime prior). A public sale will be held for the remaining supply, within the next 24 hours.

The market seems to be responding well to the news, as Gutter Cat Gang is holding a 5.74 ETH floor and has been one of the top performers for PFP projects in the past week. Will we see a drop after the vials are released? Time will tell.

To read more about the other updates to the Gutter Cat ecosystem, refer to our recent Gutter Cat Gang Town Hall Recap


Today's Drops

A few projects to watch today:

  • HyperLoot (presale) at 11:00 AM EST: 0.05 ETH mint, 20,000 total supply
  • BattleFly "Batch 1" at 11:59 AM EST and "Batch 2" at 11:59 pm EST; free mint, supply TBD, lottery system for mints
  • Hot Dougs (presale) at 12:00 PM EST; 0.05 ETH mint, 6,969 total supply

Have a good Tuesday!

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