Introducing the Lucky Trader Power Rankings

Introducing the Lucky Trader Power Rankings

Long gone are the days of arguing the strength of Bored Apes versus Meebits. 

At least that much has been decided. 

But debating the strength of NFT collections and ranking them against each other is still a popular exercise in the NFT community. 

That's why we're excited to introduce the Lucky Trader Power Rankings, a data-driven approach to ranking the top NFT collections across a handful of different categories. 

Using a set of weighted, data-driven attributes* we've curated Power Rankings, similar to what you might find during football season at ESPN

With the Lucky Trader Power Rankings, users can monitor (and debate) the strength of NFT collections when compared to similar projects. While our Top 30 will allow you to compare Bored Apes to the PROOF Collective Pass, you can also compare Bored Apes to other PFP projects, and PROOF to other Membership NFTs within our category rankings. 

Though these rankings update automatically, each week we'll review any notable movements across categories and report on them in a recurring article (like below). 

Explore the Power Rankings for yourself and let us know how you might rank your favorite NFT projects differently! 

*Full details on our weighted rankings can be found at the bottom of the Power Rankings page. 

On Friday each week, we'll take a snapshot of every category in our Power Rankings at 10:00 a.m. ET (the same time our daily news coverage goes live). 

Inside this article, you can expect to find commentary on the movement of projects up and down the ranks, particularly as that movement is tied to major events and news in the NFT industry. 

Without further ado... 

Top 30 

The Top-30 category in the Lucky Trader Power Rankings is irrespective of NFT category, meaning that regardless of whether an NFT is categorized as art or PFP, it can be represented in the Top 30. Simply put, these are the best projects in the NFT ecosystem, ranked from 1-30. 

Perhaps it is of no surprise then that the three of the top five projects listed are stamped with Yuga Labs' ownership. 

Below is a screenshot of the top ten for the week of Sept. 9. 

I think it's fair to assume that most experienced NFT collectors or traders would have a smattering of the projects above in their respective top ten lists. 

Given this is our first-ever rankings check, there is not much to comment on in terms of overall movement at the very top, though file away a note with regards to Bored Apes holding an edge over CryptoPunks. Just a few weeks ago CryptoPunks very briefly flipped Apes but since that time, Apes have reestablished a stranglehold on the top floor price amongst PFP projects. 

The most notable movement in the top ten this week belongs to Doodles, which announced a $54M fundraise and a massive $704M valuation. The raise shot up volumes and the floor price (albeit momentarily), and that market action helped propel the pastel collection back into our top ten. 

Earlier in the year, it is likely you would have found Moonbirds closer to the top of this list, but since the transition to CC0 was met with a sharp floor price decrease the collection finds itself ranked ninth. 

Last but not least, it is important to point out the inclusion of Fidenza and Chromie Squiggles, the lone art NFTs included in the overall top ten. Both of these projects carry extreme significance as two of the most notable Art Blocks Curated projects. 

PFP Rankings 

The PFP Power Rankings bare an eery resemblance to the top 30 overall projects, highlighted by the carryover of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks in the 1-2 spots. 

In fact, seven of the top ten PFP projects are also included in our overall top ten. The three outliers? Azuki, VeeFriends, and Meebits. 

The remainder of the PFP ranks has experienced relatively little movement week over week, with the biggest mover coming at the bottom of the first page with CyberKongz VX. 

The pixelated, metaverse-ready version of CyberKongz has made a few headlines recently, becoming eligible to play in Ether Orcs Dungeons and as recently as yesterday being showcased alongside Goblintown in a newly released teaser video

Art Rankings

Unlike the PFP rankings, there is quite a bit of movement within the Art rankings when compared to last week.

However, the largest movement by any single project belongs to Grifters by XCopy, a collection of NFTs previously dropped on Async Art. Over the last week, the project experienced a floor price increase of more than 7 percent to 13.99 ETH. Only three other art collections in our top 30 art rankings experienced a positive floor price increase over the same timeframe.

The detail I'm most likely to pay attention to in regards to the Art rankings each week is the Art Blocks' Dominance. 

Those familiar with the cryptocurrency markets might know the "Bitcoin Dominance" statistic, a number that showcases the percentage of crypto's total market cap that belongs to Bitcoin. For example, if the overall cryptocurrency market cap is $1T, and Bitcoin's market cap is $400B, Bitcoin's dominance is 40%. 

For our sake - I'm creating the Art Blocks Dominance, the percentage of projects inside the top 30 of the Lucky Trader Art Power Rankings, that was dropped on Art Blocks. 

That number in the first week of this column? 50 percent. 

Yes, half of the top 30 art projects were dropped on Art Blocks. 

The Rest

The NFT space at present time is dominated by profile pictures and art, so for the most part each week I'll look to include "the rest" in a final category, highlighting anything of note. Below I've included a few things that stood out from the news of the week. 


After deafening silence from the Doodles team for the last few months, the major fundraising announcement shook the cobwebs off the original Doodles and the ecosystem NFTs. 

Dooplicators saw a notable increase in volume (200%), accompanied by a 31 percent floor price change to 1.18 ETH. As a result, the collection moved up one spot to 11 in our Companion rankings. 

Wolf Game Genesis Land

Wolf Game revealed its land parcel NFTs late one night this week, sending a notable volume spike to the collection, but a 40 percent decrease in the overall floor price to 0.29 ETH. 

As a result of the notable floor price decrease, the collection dropped a spot to number six in our Land rankings.

Want to see how things shake out next week? Be sure to follow our Power Rankings and look for this column on Friday! Furthermore, be sure to download the Lucky Trader app to stay updated on all things NFTs!

Disclaimer: The author or members of the Lucky Trader staff may own NFTs discussed in this post. Furthermore, the information contained on this website or the Lucky Trader mobile application is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as financial advice. AI may have assisted in the creation of this content.