LT;DR: Dec. 6 NFT Recap: Pak Merge, New CFO at Opensea, Art Blocks

LT;DR: Dec. 6 NFT Recap: Pak Merge, New CFO at Opensea, Art Blocks
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Top News Today:

  • Art Blocks "Gazers" and Parallel Inb0x

  • Pak Merge Recap

  • New CFO at OpenSea

  • Top Movers

Art Blocks "Gazers" and Parallel Inb0x

This morning’s Dutch auction for Art Blocks CuratedGazers” collection by Matt Kane sold out at a final price of 0.25 ETH. The 1,000 editions now sit at a floor of 0.5 ETH on OpenSea following the 90 minute auction. The collection showcases 1,000 generative moon phase calendar NFTs, designed to dynamically update with the changing of our skies. 




Parallel announced Inb0x, a messaging service with end-to-end encryption for communications between web3 wallets. Messages can be sent between ENS and 0x addresses, facilitating secure discussion between web3 users.




Mirandus VOX by Gala Games, an avatar collection previewed this morning, ran into issues when opening sale at 5 p.m. ET.  These NFTs will have in-game utility in the upcoming Mirandus MMORPG fantasy adventure game. Selling for the $GALA equivalent of 0.888 ETH, the NFTs were supposed to go on sale around 5:00 p.m. ET. An announcement in the Gala Games Discord indicated the team will update the community as soon as possible. 


Pak Merge Recap

Selling roughly 250,000 NFTs this weekend, Pak’s "Merge" collection on Nifty Gateway generated upwards of $91 million. Over 26,000 unique collectors participated in the drop, with each mass NFT collected eventually set to merge into each wallet as a single, summed NFT. The final look of the NFT is yet to be released as the metadata that was stored from the weekend’s sale needs to be calculated to distinguish attributes.


New CFO at OpenSea

After 7 years with Lyft, CFO Brain Roberts will take the same role at OpenSea this week. After taking Lyft public, Roberts joins the list of executives and engineers that have been transitioning toward the web3 ecosystem. Per an article released earlier today, Roberts' plans with OpenSea include “acquiring companies” and “expanding the use of NFTs into new industries.”


  • CryptoPunks floor has been stagnant despite 2,680 ETH in volume traded.

  • Ape Kids Club had a great weekend and has climbed to a 0.58 ETH floor up almost 40% from yesterday. 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club has finally seen volume slow, showcasing a decrease of 30% since yesterday. 

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