LT;DR Feb. 16 NFT Recap: Snoop Dogg NFTs

LT;DR Feb. 16 NFT Recap: Snoop Dogg NFTs

Top News Today:

  • Snoop Dogg NFTs

  • Weather Report Drama

  • Tasty Bones & Edenhorde

  • Top NFT Movers

Snoop Dogg NFTs

Snoop Dogg announced a 10,000 piece Snoop Dogg avatar NFT project called "The Doggies."  The Doggies announced via Twitter that the official drop date will be 2/22/22 in partnership with The Sandbox Metaverse. Each avatar will be generated from 150 different rarity traits that will be playable characters within the Sandbox Metaverse. The Doggies have amassed nearly 50,000 Twitter followers in one short month. 

Weather Report Drama

Drama surrounded the Weather Report NFT, a 10,000 piece weather-themed NFT collection scheduled to drop this month. The artist @Dentinmyhead released a nie page report this morning to "expose" the Weather Report developers. The expose included text screenshots and emails in which Dentin accuses the founders of misleading the community and forcing him off the project. He cited a 5% artist payout compared to the teams 50% royalty as one of many issues that arose within the team. The Weather Report team responded in a Twitter spaces by alleging that they guided his creative process throughout the work. 

Tasty Bones & Edenhorde

Tasty Bones revealed this morning to some explosive volume. Leading our rankings page the last 24 hours it appears the community appreciates the art with the floor barely moving downward since reveal. The collection reached nearly 2,500 ETH in one day volume and has traded 6.6K ETH since hitting secondary markets four days ago. 

Edenhorde finished minting earlier today causing the secondary markets to jump in volume. Edenhorde minted at 0.145 ETH and has preformed extraordinarily well touching a 1 ETH floor this afternoon. In the last three days Edenhorde has seen over 1,000 ETH volume everyday on secondary. The reveal scheduled for this Friday, Feb. 18. 


  • Tasty Bones leads our rankings page after revealing early this morning jumping 275% in volume well over 2,000 ETH. Floor dropping 4% since yesterday but holding relatively steady since reveal. 

  • Azuki continues to hold a top volume day over day this week down 51% but still number 2 on our rankings page. Still over 1,500 ETH in volume down a tiny 2% as the floor sits above 14 ETH since the start of the week.

  • Edenhorde after selling out the remaining NFTs today, its volume and floor price pick up over the last 24 hours. 1,300 ETH in volume up nearly 50% and the floor running steady just below 1 ETH. 

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