LT;DR Jan. 7 NFT Recap: Cool Pets Announcement, FlyFish & Imps Sell Out

LT;DR Jan. 7 NFT Recap: Cool Pets Announcement, FlyFish & Imps Sell Out
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  • Cool Pets Announcement

  • Flyfish Club & Imps Sell Out

  • NFL ALL DAY Packs

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Cool Pets Announcement

Cool Cats announced the release date for Cool Pets being Jan. 28. 9,999 Cool Pets will be available to Cool Cats holders and an additional 10,000 via a gated sale. Cool Pets are the companions coming to the world of Cool Cats, known as Cooltopia. For more information on this drop, the allowlist, and more, check out Jason Bales' article on all the details here.



Imps & Flyfish Club Sell Out

Imps by SuperNfty, a collection of 10,000 animated 3D floating characters, sold out the remaining supply today. The collection started minting 21 days ago at 0.05ETH. Holders will have access to the 3D file, webcam filter, and original video file for their Imp NFT. Secondary sales ticked up after the sell-out with over 300 ETH in sales and a floor up to 0.12 ETH. 

Flyfish Club Gary Vaynerchuk's most recent NFT project sold out its public mint of 948 Flyfish NFTs at 2.5 ETH and 203 Omakase NFTs at 4.25 ETH. Each NFT grants holders access to a members-only private dining club in New York City. The Flyfish Club has had nearly 3,000 ETH in secondary sales since the public sell-out this morning. 


Dapper Labs project NFL ALL DAY dropped Week 17 Standard Packs today at 4:00 p.m. ET with Premium Packs following at 8:00 p.m ET. The queue closed at 6:00 p.m. ET for the NFL All Day Week 17 standard packs with 6,706 packs remaining, according to the site. 3,168 of the total 9,000 Premium Packs remain for the night queue which opens at 7:30 p.m. ET. 



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club still leading our rankings page with 1,800 ETH in volume down a tiny bit from stellar start to the year. 

  • Doodles volume jumps back up as Steve Aoki buys a rare doodle for nearly 270 ETH. 

  • Flyfish Club after selling out jumps onto our rankings page with over 1,863 ETH in volume. 

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