Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings Review | October 14

Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings Review | October 14

The Lucky Trader Power Rankings uses a set of weighted attributes to curate a full set of numbered rankings for NFT projects across blockchains.*

Each week we take a snapshot of the rankings (at 10:00 a.m. ET) and review the movement in rankings as a result of the latest news, trades, and more. 

You can read through last week's rankings check here. 

*Full details on our weighted rankings can be found at the bottom of the Power Rankings page. 

Find details on this week's ranking movement below...

Top 30 

A major player made a splash inside the top ten of our Lucky Trader Power Rankings this week. Autoglyphs, a historical generative art project built by CryptoPunks creator Larva Labs, blossomed up to third overall, an 11 place jump from last week. 

Given the floor price and small collection size (512 NFTs), it's rare that Autoglyphs trade on the secondary market. Yet, Autoglyph #458 traded this week for 235 ETH, approximately $312,000, bumping the floor price up to 345 ETH an increase of more than 30 percent. The sale marks the only secondary movement for the collection since July 4. 


With Autoglyphs moving up - seemingly out of nowhere - most other collections in the bottom half of the top ten moved down out of necessity, but not specifically with a notable cause.

Mutant Apes are down two spots with the Autoglyphs leaping, and I'd be remiss not to point out the recent breaking news of an SEC probe on creator Yuga Labs. Rumors are still swirling about exactly what is being investigated, but most anticipate ApeCoin will get the most scrutiny. Nevertheless, the project suffered a nearly ten percent decrease in floor price and was leapfrogged by Autoglyphs and Fidenza, both of which experienced a floor price increase. 

Other Movers


Nouns have been steadily moving up the ranks over the last few weeks and this week made a big jump to number 17 overall in our Power Rankings. The collection registered its first trade in two months yesterday when Noun 171 traded hands for 58 ETH. The collection now holds a floor price of 85 ETH. 


DeGods, the leading Solana PFP project, is down eight spots to number 27 overall. The project has been spiraling in the last few months, particularly as its y00ts companion project has been delayed multiple times. The delays and off-and-on silence of project leader Frank DeGods have helped push down the floor price as well, which now checks in at 278 SOL, a nearly 50 percent decrease in the last week alone. 

To top things off, the lead artist from DeGods and the eventually revealed y00ts left the project this week. 

The project recently made the decision to remove royalties on secondary trading, but that hasn't helped either. 

PFP Rankings 

Only one project in the top ten of our PFP Rankings - Clone X -  saw a floor price increase over the last week, yet no change happened amongst the top ten. 

Nouns almost breached the top ten, moving up 14 spots to number 11 in the PFP rankings. 


Headlined by artist and founder Josie Bellini, CyberBrokers has fluttered on the second page of our PFP rankings since its initial debut. However, this week the project made a splash with its first-ever roadmap announcement backed by an increase in trading volume and floor price. 

The project is up to number 27 in PFPs and number 53 overall. 

Art Rankings

Autoglyphs jumped from number four all the way to number one with the major movement outlined above. The project leapfrogged Fidenza, Ringers, and Chromie Squiggle - the three premier Art Blocks Curated projects that have held down the top spots until this point. 

Overall, Art Blocks Dominance is actually down a few percentage points this week, with only 17 of the top 30 projects being dropped on the platform. 

This week's Art Blocks Dominance: 57% 

That means a small increase in the Art Blocks Dominance number, as 18 of the top 30 projects in our Art Rankings were dropped on the Art Blocks Platform.

QQL - not to be confused with the QQL Mint Pass - made a charge up the rankings 25 spots to number 34 overall. The QQL collection houses all of the outputs from those who hold QQL Mint Passes. As a reminder, those utilizing the QQL Mint Pass will receive royalties on the secondary sales of their outputs.  

The Rest

The NFT space at present time is dominated by profile pictures and art, so for the most part each week I'll look to include "the rest" in a final category, highlighting anything of note. Below I've included a few things that stood out from the news of the week. 

BEANZ Official 

BEANZ, the companion for Azuki, jumped up one spot overall in the Companion Rankings. The project now holds down the seven spot, and recently announced a fun collaboration ahead of an IRL event in Los Angeles in which attendees can get their hands on a BEANZ cleaver, yes, the meat-cutting thing. 


One last shoutout for the Nouns on this week's review. The project is finally starting to earn its place inside our CC0 Rankings, now just behind Moonbirds (which only recently switched to CC0)

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