Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings Review | September 30

Lucky Trader NFT Power Rankings Review | September 30

The Lucky Trader Power Rankings uses a set of weighted attributes to curate a full set of numbered rankings for NFT projects across blockchains.*

Each week we take a snapshot of the rankings (at 10:00 a.m. ET) and review the movement in rankings as a result of the latest news, trades, and more. 

You can read through last week's rankings check here. 

*Full details on our weighted rankings can be found at the bottom of the Power Rankings page. 

Find details on this week's ranking movement below...

Top 30 

There has been quite a shakeup inside the top 30, most notably in the top ten where Ringers has leaped 17 spots into the top five, bumping down a slew of notable projects while kicking Doodles out of the top 10 entirely. 

One of the top historical Art Blocks Curated sets, Ringers had been comfortably hanging in the low teens in our rankings the last few weeks - but a handful of sales and a 20 percent floor increase over the last week have been enough to send it sharply up the rankings inside the top five sets. 

The project now rests at a 60 ETH floor, trailing only Tyler Hobbs' Fidenza in terms of Art Blocks Curated projects. 

The other notable movement inside the top ten comes from Azuki, which had improved its position dramatically, vaulting into the top 10 last week after rumors swirled about potential VC funding and a new project announcement. 

But as is often the case in the NFT world, the anticipation of an announcement was the loudest roar. Azuki opened up "The Ruins," a new phase of its worldbuilding that for now...users can only explore via an interactive map. 

Other Movers

Elevated Deconstruction 

Like the movement in Ringers, Elevated Deconstruction gets a notable boost on the back of some recent sales and a massive 37 percent floor increase. It's difficult to pinpoint a catalyst for the movement, but a freshly funded wallet that was building an Art Blocks set started the buying spree with an Elevated Deconstruction at 26.9 ETH. The floor stands now at 45 ETH.  

PFP Rankings 

Relatively little change hits the PFP section again this week, but an interesting flip of spots for Azuki and Clone X, bumping the latter to number 4 in the rankings. 

Azuki's fall comes on the back of a flat announcement and a negative volume trend over the last week. After dominating the sales bot timelines last week, Azuki's secondary trading volume fell 70 percent according to our project rankings page. 

Couple that with a floor price decline, and Clone X's positive movement (albeit small) and you have enough data to warrant a one-week flip. 

Stability marked the rest of the rankings, but I definitely want to call attention to a minor movement in CyberKongz VX. 

The CyberKongz team has been hard at work developing a gaming ecosystem reliant on the project's native token, $BANANA. 

And while most all other NFT utility tokens are dead - $BANANA is up 57 percent over the last week to $1.12 at the time of writing. 

The project recently released "The Klaw" to expand on its reward system, offering a collection of CyberKongz and Meebits NFTs to those playing on its Play & Kollect gaming platform. 

We're too early in our rankings reviews to understand if those projects that are "quietly building" will be able to consistently move upwards, but for now, CyberKongz seems to be fitting that trend. 

Art Rankings

A reminder for those new here, the most interesting point to me thus far in the Art Rankings has been the dominance of the Art Blocks platform. 

Earlier this week, Art Blocks announced it will stop releasing projects in "Series" and instead move forward deploying projects on their own standing. 

This should create more of a focus on the artist and artwork, and less so on the platform on which the project was created. Typically though, the platform (Art Blocks) has been the financial and speculative signifier, and projects from the platform move together, without less regard for the artist, and the work created. 

Remember Art Blocks Summer? 

So...perhaps this announcement throws some wrinkles into my Art Blocks Dominance statistic. As a final reminder for anyone reading this column for the first time, my introduction to Art Blocks Dominance, a statistic I completely made up. 

"Those familiar with the cryptocurrency markets might know the "Bitcoin Dominance" statistic, a number that showcases the percentage of crypto's total market cap that belongs to Bitcoin. For example, if the overall cryptocurrency market cap is $1T, and Bitcoin's market cap is $400B, Bitcoin's dominance is 40%. 

For our sake - I'm creating the Art Blocks Dominance, the percentage of projects inside the top 30 of the Lucky Trader Art Power Rankings, that was dropped on Art Blocks." 

In each of the first two weeks, the Art Blocks Dominance has been 50 percent, meaning 15 of the top 30 projects in our Art Rankings were released on the Art Blocks platform. 

This week? 56.66 percent. Art Blocks was the curation and technological platform for the production of 17 of the top 30 projects this week in our Art Rankings. 

A few bullets from the rankings:

  • Ringers up to number 2, no surprise given the aforementioned analysis. 
  • Elevated Deconstruction made a major leap as well (see above). 
  • Unigrids by Zeblocks moved 29 spots to number 21. This is a new addition to the top 30, but of course, an Art Blocks project. The collection saw a massive floor price increase (58%) to 19 ETH, and yes, was one of those purchased by that freshly funded wallet linked above. 

The Rest

The NFT space at present time is dominated by profile pictures and art, so for the most part each week I'll look to include "the rest" in a final category, highlighting anything of note. Below I've included a few things that stood out from the news of the week. 

DigiDaigaku Spirits

DigiDaigaku Spirits deserve a mention once more this week, as the Spirit burning process went live shortly after I launched this article last Friday. 

The ranking is up another three spots as the floor increased, and the count decreased over the last week. 


Nouns cracked the top five of the CC0 rankings as the floor price increased more than 18 percent according to our rankings page.

You might be thinking to yourself....only number five? Yeah, only number five. 

As a result of the power rankings algorithm we're working with, Nouns (a collection that gets only one new NFT every dayis somewhat penalized on market cap and its high floor price lends itself to little secondary trading volume as well. Until more data is gathered there, the collection might find itself waffling in the top ten despite an understanding from most of the NFT community that Nouns is one of the premier projects in the entire space (let alone CC0). 

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