OpenSea Pro Adds Farmer Wallet Labels

OpenSea Pro Adds Farmer Wallet Labels

OpenSea Pro announced the addition of labels for bid farmer wallets on the platform.

The Details

  • A tractor icon now denotes which wallets belong to bid farmers.
  • A label for "bid farmer" will also be displayed, similar to other labels that OpenSea Pro included previously, such as "high volume trader."
  • Farmers % at the top indicates the "percentage of holders with majority of activity in quickly buying and selling through bids."
  • OpenSea Pro users can also see the bid farmers in a collection as well as quickly preview the activity and inventory of the bid farmer wallets.

❗ Why It Matters

This update further confirms OpenSea Pro's focus on being a more trader-oriented version of OpenSea's platform and a more comparable competitor to Blur.

The additional layer of transparency for collections is a nice addition to the interface, especially after OpenSea Pro also rolled out Bubblemaps last week.

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