OpenSea Pro Adds Minor Analytics Upgrades

OpenSea Pro Adds Minor Analytics Upgrades

OpenSea Pro announced a few minor upgrades that enhance the platform's analytical capabilities.

The Deets

  • Improved Collection Page Analytics: Easily expand charts to full screen mode on a collection’s “Insights” tab for a detailed view of its sales and market activity.
  • ERC1155 Sales Quantities: For ERC1155 collections, hover over a sales event to see the exact quantity of items purchased.
  • Updated Market Chart Hoverables: Assess the market in the blink of an eye. Pinpoint the precise information you need right from a collection page, with updated tooltips and a moving y-axis on the market chart

❗ Why It Matters

OpenSea Pro remains steadfast in their commitment to making incremental, small waves of upgrades, as opposed to creating the sort of splash that Blur did with Blur Lending (Blend).

But that's ok, because while it's been positive for OpenSea to try to make inroads with traders with the Pro platform, the reality is that a significant number of traders will still use Blur, as that's where the floor is (and where the lending happens). All OpenSea Pro can do is continue to build and improve the overall user experience.

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