OpenSea Pro Adds Top Collection Offers on Homepage

OpenSea Pro Adds Top Collection Offers on Homepage

OpenSea Pro announced another new upgrade: the addition of top offers across collections to a column on the homepage.

What It Means

OpenSea Pro users now have the offer-listing spread for any collection easily accessible and can instantly check top offers and floor prices across collections on the homepage.

❗ Why It Matters

Tweaks and upgrades continue to flow in for OpenSea's more trader-oriented platform. Nothing that moves the needle too much, but little things that people currently using the OpenSea Pro marketplace will certainly appreciate. Between the addition of Bubblemaps, bid farmer wallet labels, and now this, the focus is clearly on making helpful data more digestible so that it's easier to access and consume for all types of users.

The steady diet of updates also represents a different approach from OpenSea's rollout of features, which were typically reserved for "Feature Fridays" at the start of 2023 (before Gem V2 was rebranded to OS Pro at the start of April).

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