Treasure Mapz Transfer is Live

Treasure Mapz Transfer is Live
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A feature allowing users to send their Treasure Mapz is now live, per a tweet from Memeland today.

❗ Why It Matters

Treasure Mapz are a key part of the Memeland ecosystem, and Memeland even said that they might be "secretly related to $MEME, NFTs, special utilities, and more 🏴‍☠️".

Mapz can be earned every 7 days by Captainz who go questing. The ability to trade them is notable because they were also airdropped to Captainz waitlist holders (even if they were unsuccessful in minting). Thus they also serve an entry point for a variety of new holders.


🗊 How To:

  1. Go to the Memeland dashboard here:
  2. After connecting your wallet, go to the Treasure Mapz tab
  3. Choose the Mapz you want to transfer
  4. Hit the "Transfer" button
  5. Add the destination wallet address
  6. Choose either the wallet, or a Captainz in that wallet, as the recipient [see pic below 👇]
  7. Hit "Transfer X Maz" button
  8. Approve the message

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