Bobu's Twitter Banner Changes, Teases Snapshot?

Bobu's Twitter Banner Changes, Teases Snapshot?
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NFT Twitter users made note of a change to the Twitter banner for Azuki's Bobu the Bean Farmer Twitter account on Tuesday morning.

It is not known at which point in time the change was made, but the image has created some rumors about a potential snapshot for BEANZ Official NFTs. 

The image showcases a Bobu the Bean Farmer character in an open market full of BEANZ characters. Bobu is featured in the middle of the banner and appears to be holding a camera. Cameras, and the camera emoji have long been utilized by NFT projects to symbolize snapshots, the act of "freezing" the blockchain to identify which wallets are holding a respective token at a given time. 

Beyond Bobu, a calendar can be seen in the back left of the alley, but it's difficult to make out exactly what is indicated. Previously Azuki shared some clues about airdrops, using a calendar in a similar fashion to highlight Oct. 14. 

Based on the makeup of the calendar, the marker indicated in the banner also seems it could indicate Friday, Oct. 14 - which could suggest a snapshot was taken last week. The next time the calendar has the exact same makeup will be July, 2023. 

Two important distinctions should be made about the banner. Firstly, nothing has been confirmed by the Azuki team amidst a handful of recent updates. Secondly, the banner - as indicated in the Bobu profile - was created by a community member and not a member of the Azuki team. 

Despite the banner change, only four BEANZ have traded in the last hour on OpenSea. 

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