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BYOPills Announces Partnership With Metakey
Logan Hitchcock

Select Apostles avatars will be usable in the Metakey metaverse, Ganymede, according to an announcement from BYOPills on Tuesday

The gameplay updates are the first of a series of playable unlocks as part of a new partnership between BYOPills and Metakey. BYOCrafts are expected to be integrated shortly. 

New Ganymede has not yet been officially released by Metakey, but the project has teased trailers of gameplay in recent weeks

The Metakey partnership is just the latest metaverse news for Apostles holders in recent months. In early October, BYOPills launched Pixel Apostles, a downloadable, pixelated version of Apostles for gameplay in metaverses like Worldwide Webb Land and more. 

BYOPills Apostles are up more than 45 percent in the last week to 0.12 ETH. 


BYOPills Announces Partnership With Metakey
BYOPills Anniversary Minting is Now Open
Lou Sherman

BYOPills have announced that the claiming of Anniversary pills has opened. Holders of any BYO asset at the time of the one-year anniversary are eligible to mint the NFT for free plus gas fees. The initial mint of BYOPills began on July 16, 2021.

The Anniversary Pill is an ERC-1155 collection to commemorate the past year and what the community has built. The BYOPill Year 1 NFT is the first of the BYO Exclusives Collection.

The Anniversary Pull drop is separate from the Lost Boy Cassette Snapshot that was announced on July 24 for holders of a BYOPill and Lost Boy NFT.

The floor price for the OG BYOPill collection is 0.29 ETH at the time of this writing. Earlier this week, the BYO team completed updates on its BYOVERSE map, allowing holders to explore the new virtual world.

BYOPills Anniversary Minting is Now Open
BYOPills Announces Trivia Contest
Staff Writer

BYOPills announced that it is running a trivia contest with prizes in a recent tweet.

Participants must enter on the BYO website and answer ten questions correctly in at least one of the four surveys to win the challenge. 

Users who can pass the "BYOKNOWLEDGE" test will be entered into a raffle to win a BYOPills NFT.


BYOPills Announces Trivia Contest
BYOPills Says Land Selection Coming Soon, Explains Trade Routes
Jason Bales
BYOPills Says Land Selection Coming Soon, Explains Trade Routes
NFT Weekly | BYOCraft Claiming Ends, Gutter Clones Are Coming
Logan Hitchcock

Gutter Clones Are Coming 

The Gutter Ecosystem will look a little different later this week as the cloning process is expected to go live on March 31.

Holders of Gutter Juice NFTs will be able to create a Gutter Clone of the NFTs respective species by burning the Juice later this week. Additionally, if a holder has an existing Gutter Ecosystem NFT (Gutter Rat, Cat, Dog, Pigeon), they can use the juice on that NFT for a clone that carries over the same traits. 

At present time, the Gutter Juice floor is 0.27 ETH and juice assets are owned by more than 8,200 unique holders. 

To learn more about the Gutter Cat Gang, and the Gutter Ecosystem, read our complete guide and watch our recent show!

Other Notable Events

  • BAYC Merch Drop with $APE starting at 1:00 p.m. ET on Monday, March 28. 
  • Peacefall NFT project reveal slated for March 29 at 2:00 p.m. ET. 
  • Premint Access Pass on Friday, April 1. 

Happy minting and good luck, and as always, stay safe out there!

NFT Weekly |  BYOCraft Claiming Ends, Gutter Clones Are Coming
Play-to-Earn Weekly | BYOCraft Claiming Live, Red Village Delayed
Connor Melhorn

Welcome to Lucky Trader's weekly roundup of the top play-to-earn news. Each week, we'll cover everything you need to know about the top P2E games and projects, focusing on their upcoming releases, game updates, and more! 

Top P2E News and Upcoming Projects:

  • ZED RUN Charity/Premier Update
  • The Red Village Delay
  • BYOCraft Launch
  • Upcoming: Martian Premier League and Kangaroo Punch Club


ZED RUN: Charity Tournament Concludes

On Monday, March 14, twelve monster stables entered a Charity Tournament called "For the Kids" with an entry price of 1.5 ETH benefiting Extra Life, a fundraising program of @CMNHospitals, which unites people around the world to play games and #ChangeKidsHealth.  

Each stable submitted a sprinter, mid-runner, and marathoner to compete in a Fibonacci-style, three-race tournament. With a total pool of 18 ETH, each race split a pool of 4.5 ETH with normal ZED winning allocation of 60/25/15% on respective placements.  

The sprint featured an absolutely beast field, with Billions, Secret Strategy, and Blood Duchess taking flames.  After a few early breaks, One More Tisha and Final Wave jumped out to a brief lead.  With about 400m left Stylish Criminal made a strong break, but Pearly Tour ended up on the good end of the variance with an electric last 300m to win by .771 seconds.  This win by Pearly Tour placed Arbitrage Racing at the top of the leaderboard after one race at 89 total points.  

After Evergreen Gates also pulled out at A run at 1600 mid-distance, Arbitrage secured their first place spot and 2.7 ETH total prize.  Unbeknown of Know Your Horses x Dingaling pulled out a great variance run at the lower end of mid-preference with a 2nd place finish, pulling Know Your Horses to second overall after two races and sitting roughly 20 points ahead of third place Mr. and Mrs. Roid Rager Racing.  

When all was said and done, notable stable Arbitrage Racing swept first place in all three races, taking home 2.7 ETH. Lucky Trader's own, Know Your Horses stable, secured second place in total points and earned a total of 1.125 ETH. Wagmi Racing came in third, earning a prize of 0.675 ETH prize.

Arbitrage Racing ended up donating 2 ETH in racing profits to benefit Extra Life, pushing total donations close to five digits.  

Click here to see full stable/horses that competed in the Charity Tournament.  

ZED RUN is also in the last week of the their first Class 1 Premier Tournament, which horses can qualify through PAID races.

The ZED team indicated that higher-priced entry fee races will reward racers with point multipliers for finishes, and the tournament has a total pool of $150,000. 

The Red Village Delays Alpha Launch

The Red Village recently launched internal testing for their Alpha Tournament on March 10, but quickly hit roadblocks due to the recent Polygon network outage. 

After proposing a new launch day of March 15, the team was forced to delay once more. 

The Alpha launch is still battling a "threading issue" that causes animations to break. 

No exact time of launch has been released, but the team indicated a "six to twelve hour" heads up once the Battles are clean and running. 


Starting on March 10, BYOCraft claiming went live for all holders. 

Per 0xSeba.ETH as of Mar. 13, 51% (4547) of the BYOCrafts have been minted, "where mostly all apostles minted their corresponding craft, and the generic craft percentage corresponds mostly to the difference in number of vapes vs. apostles."

You can refer to the following tweet for a graphic representation of the BYO Ecosystem. 

Upcoming P2E Mints

Martian Premier League Allowlist Mint

Martian Premier League is a unique collection of 10,000 characters (9,000 Humans and 1,000 Martians) that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The project will launch allowlist minting later today at 4:00pm ET.

The team features an impressive track record across crypto building (USDC, The Graph), entertainment (Warner Bros, Disney), movie franchises (Harry Potter, Marvel) and gaming (esports). 

The Martian Premier League roadmap includes the development of a play-to-earn game that includes a new fantasy football style league formed of humans and Martians, where holders train and develop recruits to compete in the MPL.

Click here to learn more about Martian Premier League. 

Kangaroo Punch Club

Kangaroo Punch Club, created by The Grinch and Minions Artist Eddy Tavus, releases their initial mint of 3D fighters ready to land in the metaverse tomorrow at 6:00pm ET. 

Each Kangaroo will be able to fight roughly one month after launch, where holders can earn $KANGS in the Punch Arena to redeem special gifts, airdrops, and in-real-life tickets for UFC fights and other sports.  

Read more about Kangaroo Punch Club on their Medium page.  

Play-to-Earn Weekly | BYOCraft Claiming Live, Red Village Delayed