DigiDaigaku Airdrop & Reveal Coming Today

DigiDaigaku Airdrop & Reveal Coming Today

In a tweet this morning, now infamous DigiDaigaku founder Gabe Leydon announced some big news for today:

  • The Castaways airdrop is coming today
  • The DigiDaigaku Hero NFTs will be revealed today
  • A "major" marketing announcement is coming next week

This airdrop is the first of three promised airdrops, as Gabe continues to use this mechanism as the primary way to expand the holder base and Digi ecosystem. All DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT holders will receive a Castaways-themed NFT, which will serve as a key to playing in the Castaways ecosystem, the first partnership between recent free-to-own (F2O) gaming projects.

The DigiDaigaku Heroes are also promised an airdrop, likely coming in the next few weeks given the team's prior cadence of delivery. 

This news has not yet moved the Digi market, which has been fairly illiquid as of late. The Genesis floor is at 12.75 ETH, unchanged over the past, and the Hero floor is at 6.6 ETH, also unchanged.

More about DigiDaigaku

At the time of publish, the DigiDaigaku floor price sits at 10.149 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 9 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 8 sharp wallets have sold 11 NFTs and 1 sharp wallets have bought 2 NFTs in the DigiDaigaku collection. Catch up on other recent DigiDaigaku news here.

Recent DigiDaigaku Sales

#1063sold at 12/09 1:12am for
#1109sold at 12/08 11:12am for
#1084sold at 12/07 1:12am for
#135sold at 12/07 1:12am for
#565sold at 12/06 4:12pm for

Recent DigiDaigaku Listings

#565listed at 12/09 1:12am for
#565listed at 12/09 1:12am for
#1201listed at 12/09 12:12am for
#1201listed at 12/09 12:12am for
#1063listed at 12/09 12:12am for
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