What's Next for DigiDaigaku?

What's Next for DigiDaigaku?

DigiDaigaku leader and Limit Break co-founder Gabe Leydon provided an update on what's next for the DigiDaigaku ecosystem, in a tweet Wednesday night.

There are 4 major items upcoming:

  • A collab with Ether Orcs (with another adventure key airdrop)
  • Reveal of the Digi Genesis Spirits and Hero Dark Spirits
  • Release of the Dark Spirit crafting recipe list for potions
  • A Villains WhiteList process for DAOs and Groups

He also promised more coming soon.

The DigiDaigaku caught some new whale backing during a late Tuesday evening Twitter Spaces, where Gabe came on and spoke during a time of major volatility and picked up new fans (holders) in Deeze, Farokh, and Soby. 

The floor prices did take a hit in yesterday's market fallout though, with the DigiDaigaku Genesis floor at 10.8 ETH (-6% on the week), the Digi Spirits at 5.5 ETH (-25%), and the Digi Heroes at 3.4 ETH (-42%).

More about DigiDaigaku

At the time of publish, the DigiDaigaku floor price sits at 9.2 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 35 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 9 sharp wallets have sold 10 NFTs and 3 sharp wallets have bought 4 NFTs in the DigiDaigaku collection. Catch up on other recent DigiDaigaku news here.

Recent DigiDaigaku Sales

#1654sold at 11/30 8:11am for
#1600sold at 11/30 4:11am for
#1277sold at 11/30 3:11am for
#236sold at 11/30 1:11am for
#290sold at 11/29 11:11am for

Recent DigiDaigaku Listings

#1373listed at 12/01 5:12pm for
#1518listed at 12/01 10:12am for
#935listed at 12/01 8:12am for
#1412listed at 12/01 5:12am for
#1412listed at 12/01 5:12am for
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