All AI Art Looks The Same
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BrainDrops co-founder Justin Trimble announced the AI art platform had released a new work to its top collectors in a tweet Friday night.

❗ Why It Matters

The new set, called "All AI Art Looks The Same", features the works of 14 previous BrainDrops artists, including Claire Silver, Pindar Van Arman, Roope Rainisto and more.

🔎 The Deets

  • The collection's size is 128 pieces, and NFTs have been airdropped to collectors who held a complete BrainDrops set as of March 1.
  • All AI Art Looks The Same is available for trading on Sansa, who BrainDrops recently partnered with.

🎤 Community Feedback

Thanks for everything, Justin. It's been such a blessing to be a part of the BrainDrops community..HeavensLastAngel

All AI Art Looks The Same
Claire Silver: The AI Artist Redefining Fine Art in the NFT Space
Lucky Trader Staff

Claire Silver is a digital artist who has become well-known for the unique way she uses artificial intelligence to make art. Her work looks at a wide range of topics, such as vulnerability, trauma, and social order. It has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world. 

Silver is a leading figure in the AI art movement and has also made a name for herself in the NFT space. In this article, we'll talk about Silver's art, how she makes art, and how well-known she is around the world.

Who Is Claire Silver?

Claire Silver is a digital artist who has become known for her unique way of making art with the help of computer programs known as artificial intelligence. Her work is meant to make people feel like they've gone beyond themselves, letting them experience a "wordless truth" through the pieces she makes.

While not much is known about her personal life, it is clear that Silver has a deep understanding of art history and marketing, having started her career as a traditional artist. Today, she makes art with generative media and artificial intelligence tools that allow her to feed it media and make different kinds of art.

Silver was one of the first artists to experiment with the pairing of NFTs and artifical intelligence and she now has over 73,000 followers on Twitter. 

Her art explores themes of vulnerability, trauma, disability, social hierarchy, innocence, and divinity, and she asks what role they will play in our transhumanist future. She sees herself as a "caveman painting fire" in the face of the rise of AI and thinks it is important that we recognize the transcendent longing that is part of being human and make a promise to bring it with us into the future.

Claire Silver’s Artworks

Claire Silver has become a leader in the growing AI art movement thanks in part to her unique styles. With a best-selling Genesis piece that sold for 52 ETH on SuperRare and top sales from her "AI Art Is Not Art" collection reaching over 30 ETH, Silver has established herself as one of the best-selling artists in the NFT space.

Below find some of Silver's most notable pieces. 

Silver x SuperRare

Leading artist curation platform, SuperRare, houses some of Silver's most prominent 1/1 creations. All three can be viewed at her profile page, the most notable of which is her genesis, "c l a i r e." 

A self-portrait generated with AI, "c l a i r e" most recently sold to collector "batsoupyum" for 52.69 ETH in May 2022. 

"Genesis" - BrainDrops

One of Claire Silver's most notable NFT collections, "Genesis," was dropped on the artitifical intelligence curation platform, BrainDrops in 2021.

The collection of 500 NFTs first minted for 0.1 ETH and has since blossomed to a floor price of 23.99 ETH at the time of writing. All 500 NFTs act as unique pieces in an overall set that tells the story of "what is and what is yet to come," according to the project description. 

Consistent themes can be found throughout the collection, or when viewing the NFTs side by side. 

Silver x Sotheby's

One of Silver's pieces, "Blood in the Streets, Late to the Ball", was sold at Sotheby’s London in March last year for $47,812. This sale highlighted the growing interest in AI art in the traditional art world.


Claire Silver’s Artistic Process

Claire Silver's way of making art shows how her life as a millennial has changed from an analog childhood to a more and more digital one. She uses many different tools to make her pieces, such as oil and acrylic paints, GAN (Artbreeder), Procreate, collage, and photography.

Silver often blends classical styles and mythos into her work, collaborating with AI to create pieces that are at once familiar and strange. She sees the use of traditional painting styles in training GAN as a way to shape AI and bring some of our collective culture forward while still expanding and redefining it.

Through her process, Silver seeks to bridge the gap between analog and digital art, creating works that are both timeless and cutting-edge. Her approach to working with AI lets her create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind blends of the classic and the futuristic.

Silver's artistic process shows that she is able to change and adapt with the times. She uses new technologies and mediums in her work, but she still respects the traditions of the past.

International Acclaim

Claire Silver's meteoric rise in the art world has not gone unnoticed by the media and major art institutions around the world. Her unique mix of traditional art and art made by AI has been written about in a lot of prominent publications, like Wired and The New York Times.

Additionally, Silver has caught the attention of major talent agency WME, who recently signed her to their roster. This move shows that NFT art is becoming more important and that AI-made art could shake up the traditional art world.


Silver's unique approach to art and her use of AI technology have made her a prominent figure in the NFT and AI art space. Her artworks have been widely recognized and exhibited in various galleries and museums worldwide. 

Silver's creative approach to art has won her praise all over the world and shows how traditional and modern art can work well together. 

Claire Silver: The AI Artist Redefining Fine Art in the NFT Space
Claire Silver Headed to Louvre

Claire Silver announced via Twitter that her next art collection will premiere at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Silver also annouced she has signed with WME Talent Agency as its first AI Artist. 

❗Why It Matters

An artist from web3 being accepted into a prestigious museum like The Louvre represents a significant advancement for web3 artists and the industry as a whole, legitimizing the work being done in digitally native mediums. In the case of Silver, it also pushes the boundaries on the acceptance of AI art, a genre that has been well received this year. 

Community Quotes

AHH CLAIRE! You trailblazer par excellence! Huge congrats, I am so happy for youocketgirlNFT

📊 By the Numbers

Claire Silver's works have seen a notable increase in the last few months, highlighted by her Genesis collection from Brain Drops which is up 301 percent in the last month alone to a floor price of 24 ETH. 

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Claire Silver Headed to Louvre