Creepz Genesis Jumps 31%

Creepz Genesis Jumps 31%
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Creepz Genesis NFTs jumped more than 30 percent today according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings page. 

The major increase in volume and floor price came in large part due to a major sweep from Seedphrase, who most notably was the seller of the recent major Hoodie Ape and Zombie CryptoPunk sales. 

Seedphrase swept at least 100 Creepz Genesis NFTs through three separate transactions, totaling more than 150 ETH or approximately $204,000. 

Though the project did not announce any new information to spur the buying spree, the collection did reintroduce actor, board member, and partner Seth Green in a Twitter thread earlier today. 

Green's production studio, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, will be leading the charge in turning the Creepz Genesis, or Overlord (the newly rebranded project name) IP into an animated series. The Seth Green news was initially announced on August 25. 


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