gmDAO Token, Projects Surging in Art Boom

gmDAO Token, Projects Surging in Art Boom

Generative art platform has seen significant volume on its ecosystem and gmDAO token this week, alongside a broader rally in the NFT art market. 

"Mind the Gap" by MountVitruvius, the first collection to be featured on the platform, was one of the top NFT projects by volume on Monday — and has risen 139 percent to a 1.65 ETH floor over the last seven days. 

Other notable gains from the other four projects over the last week include: 

  • "Factura" by Mathias Isaksen jumped 75 percent to a 1.4 ETH floor
  • "Catharsis" by Dario Lanza saw floor prices soar 212 percent a 0.5 ETH floor
  • "Plasticity" by P4stoboy increased 148 percent, currently holding a 0.8 ETH floor. 
  • "Koripo" by Rich Poole rose 122 percent to a 0.4 ETH floor.

gmDAO, the governance token of the platform, experienced similar increases — with over 115 ETH of volume traded and its floor price surging to 4.39 ETH. Notable collector @seedphrase also made waves on Sunday night with a 15-token sweep.

More about gmDAO token

At the time of publish, the gmDAO token floor price sits at 3.65 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 3 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have bought 1 NFTs and no sharp wallets have sold NFTS in the the gmDAO token collection. Catch up on other recent gmDAO token news here.

Recent gmDAO token Sales

#602sold at 11/26 9:11pm for
#788sold at 11/26 9:11pm for
#443sold at 11/22 8:11pm for
#166sold at 11/22 6:11pm for
#311sold at 11/22 6:11pm for

Recent gmDAO token Listings

#737listed at 11/27 9:11pm for
#737listed at 11/27 9:11pm for
#239listed at 11/27 8:11pm for
#239listed at 11/27 8:11pm for
#552listed at 11/27 6:11pm for
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