Goblintown Baiting is Live

Goblintown Baiting is Live
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Goblintown.wtf has opened the window for its new "Baiting" utility on Friday afternoon. Baiting will be available for three weeks, ending on August 19, so holders of mcgoblinwtf NFTs will have a decision to make.

The "masterbaiter" is open for holders to burn their mcgoblinburger combo meels in order to mint grumpls. Grumpls will not be instantly revealed but will have a rarity lottery based on the number of burgers a holder burns in the masterbaiter.

OG Goblin NFTs will not be burned in the process of baiting. 1:1 tokens can only use 1 full burger or hotdog NFT. The grumpls will be baited, and the NFTs can only be used one time in the burning process, so choose wisely!

The floor price of the mcgoblinwtf collection rose to 1.75 ETH at the opening of the baiting event.

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