DNA-2 Gutter Dog Clones Coming Soon

DNA-2 Gutter Dog Clones Coming Soon
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Gutter Cat Gang announced the next round of Gutter Juice mutation on Friday night, as the Clone Machine will start accepting DNA-2 Gutter Dog Clones on next Friday, December 16, at 4:20 p.m. ET. D1 Gutter Dog Clone holders will be able to upgrade to a D2 at this time.

Gutter Cat Gang previously opened the Clone Machine for Pigeons on November 29, Rats on November 8, and Cats on October 31. Gutter Dogs is the last species to be able to upgrade to D2.

Users will need a DNA-2 Gutter Juice, a D1 Clone, and another D1 to sacrifice to receive a D2 Dog Clone (and their unharmed D1 Clone will be returned).

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