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Truth Labs Updates Metadata, Will Migrate Contracts
Staff Writer

Truth Labs NFT contracts are undergoing an upgrade and migrating to ensure future-proofing a 5% royalty rate.

The Deets

  • Metadata refreshed for goblintown, Illuminati NFT, The187, and Grumpls
  • Contract migration scheduled for this weekend
  • Blur bids disabled on 04/13 at noon ET
  • NFTs airdropped to holders within 24 hours
  • 5% royalty rate enforced for all Truth collections moving forward

The Details

The metadata for the four popular NFT collections has been refreshed, poking fun at creators and royalties in typical Truth fashion. The new metadata features a big middle finger highlighted by "F*** royalties, F*** supporting builders," in the background. The official contract migration is set for this weekend. To facilitate this process, Blur bids will be disabled starting at noon ET on Thursday, April 13. Once the migration is complete, new NFTs on the upgraded contract will be airdropped to their respective holders within 24 hours.

According to Truth Labs, the upgrade is essential to ensure the collections' flexibility and future-proofing, especially with Season 2 around the corner. 

❗️Why It Matters

Truth joins Overlord (formerly Creepz) and others in the quest to protect royalties by migrating its initial NFT contracts. Its just one of the latest trends seemingly created as a result of the marketplace wars and "race to 0 royalties" in order to attract more trading activity. While having the ability to enforce royalties on-chain will protect companies abilites to generate at least some income via secondary trading, projects will still need to find other revenue sources if they wish to create sustainable businesses, particularly if the end of Blur farming and incentivized trading brings a decline to the overall secondary market. 

🎤 Community Quotes

The metadata change prompted some laughs, some headturns, and some push back. 

What a joke lol another project that delivers no value but wants more moneyNonFungibleIan

🎬 Take Action

Truth is urging users to not buy any of the existing NFTs after Blur bids are disabled, at that time the existing NFTs and the contracts they exist on will become obsolete. Holders do not need to take any further action, as you will be airdropped the new NFTs after the contract migration.


Truth Labs Updates Metadata, Will Migrate Contracts
Goblintown Co-Founder Taub's Twitter Hacked
Staff Writer

Goblintown and Truth Labs co-founder Alex Taub’s Twitter account was hacked early Monday morning, according to a tweet from Truth Labs.

The link to mint a fake eggs NFT led to a site where users clicked on a “Claim Eggs” tab. Lucky Trader could not ascertain the scope of the hack or the contract involved as of Monday morning, as the site is currently down.


Truth Labs updated users on the account Monday, which has changed its name to @ajtgoblin and @Zachxbtlover. Taub has been removed from Truth Labs-related Discords, the company said.

AJT's twitter account is still hacked, and the username is now @ajtgoblin. He is aware, and we are working on regaining access to his twitter. Please do not interact with this account or any links it is posting,” Truth Labs tweeted.

The hacker trolled Taub's followers Monday posting an image of a luxury watch with the words "THX GOBLIN FAMMMMM."


Goblintown Co-Founder Taub's Twitter Hacked
Truth Labs Shares Universe Map, Schedules Upcoming AMA
Logan Hitchcock

Truth Labs, the creators of goblintown and IlluminatiNFT, shared an official universe map and scheduled an upcoming AMA for 2:00 p.m. ET today. 

The universe map provides an easy-to-follow visual of all the NFT projects and offshoots from Truth Labs, perhaps most notably the work in creating the viral sensation, goblintown. 

Goblintown eventually expanded into mcgoblins and grumpls, and the universe map includes a few redacted items that suggest more is on the way. 

The same can be said for the Illuminati and 187 NFT projects, which both contain unaccounted-for roadmap items in the universe map. 

Last but not least, Truth's latest endeavor, resurrecting CryptoFace, also found a place on the universe map with indications that at least four DAO-led projects and initiatives are set to spring off from the project. 

While little is known about why the universe map was shared, more information will likely be provided during the upcoming AMA. 

This is a developing story and will be updated by Lucky Trader as more information is learned. 

Truth Labs Shares Universe Map, Schedules Upcoming AMA
Truth Labs Selects Winners for CryptoFace Raffle
Logan Hitchcock

Truth Labs has selected the winners for its CryptoFace PREMINT raffle, according to a tweet from the company. 

Those who entered the PREMINT raffle can check to see if they've won here. All 685 winners of the raffle will be able to mint a CryptoFace NFT for free over the next thirty days, starting at 6:00 p.m. ET tonight. 

More information about the resurrection of CryptoFace NFTs can be found in our original reporting. 

Truth Labs Selects Winners for CryptoFace Raffle
Truth Labs Pins, Jackets Are on the Way
Logan Hitchcock

Truth Labs told holders that the Illuminati Seekers of the Truth Pins could start hitting the mailboxes of U.S. residents and holders as soon as today. 

International shipments are also on the way, but delivery times will vary based on location. Users who do not receive their pins by Oct. 31 should create a support ticket in the Truth Labs Discord. 

In addition to the pins, Smoker's Jackets will begin to ship as the production run comes to a close. 

Truth Labs Pins, Jackets Are on the Way
IlluminatiDAO Resurrects Early On-Chain Profile Picture Project
Logan Hitchcock

IlluminatiDAO has resurrected an old on-chain profile picture project, CryptoFace, according to a tweet from Truth Labs

According to the announcement from the team, CryptoFace - which was launched three months before CryptoPunks - was initially created as part of a hackathon but abandoned quickly after very little external traction. 

"CryptoFace’s development pre-dates any ETH NFT standards, so it has been sitting on the blockchain with only a handful of contract interactions in the past 5+ years. The CryptoFace project was broadly intended for identity-based use cases, such as using the profile pictures within social media apps. This is in contrast to CrytpoPunks, as early news articles focused on their description as collectible digital art," says Alex Taub, co-founder of Truth Labs. 

Taub outlined the DAO's decision to resurrect the project in greater detail in his Medium post released earlier today

While the DAO is resurrecting the project as close to the original intent, one major change will come in the IlluminatiDAO resurrection - the project will have a set supply.

"The IlluminatiDAO’s opinion was that leaving an unlimited supply wouldn’t maximize the historical significance of the project (being the first set collection on top of the OG contract)," reads Taub's post. 

How Will It Work? 

Each minter will be able to specifically customize their PFP using CryptoFace, rendering a likeness in a single transaction. 

In that transaction, all minters will register their unique hash to the original smart contract and produce an NFT that utilizes the metadata from the original contract hash, yet on the new smart contract from the IlluminatiDAO. This will allow the NFT to maintain "direct provenance from the historical contract while being usable and meaningful on modern token platforms and dApps."

In another twist, initial minters will also receive a royalty on any sales of the NFT in the future, equal to 3% of the total sale. Any new buyer will receive the commercial license to the image and corresponding NFT. 

Who Is Eligible to Mint? 

All Illuminati NFT and 187 NFT holders will be eligible to mint one CryptoFace per NFT held via the website

There will be no cost associated with the mint, and all holders will have 30 days to mint their respective NFTs. 

Another 1,000 mints will be available via raffle for holders, a Truth Labs project. 

Additionally, another 685 spots will be open to the public via a PREMINT raffle. The PREMINT raffle will close on Monday, October 10 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

This is a developing story and will be updated by the Lucky Trader Staff. 

IlluminatiDAO Resurrects Early On-Chain Profile Picture Project
PUMA Teases NFT Project, Offers Allowlist Raffle to Goblintown
Staff Writer

Sporting apparel company PUMA is raffling off 200 of its new NFTs to holders of and IlluminatiNFT

Holders of those NFTs can enter a PREMINT raffle to earn a Nitro Token which will give the winners a chance to mint the PUMA NitroPass for 0.2 ETH on Aug. 26. PUMA hasn't released details about what the NitroPass will be used for only that holders will be able to go to PUMA's new "BlackStation" to mint. 

"Blackstation is [TEXT REDACTED]," according to an announcement in the PUMA Discord.

The company did release a link to a website, but all that's on it is the PUMA logo and a grainy, red-and-blue background. There is also a Discord for the project.

Holders of the PUMA x CatBloxStudios NFT get guaranteed access to claim a Nitro Token on Aug. 21. There will be a snapshot on an unannounced date this week for the claim. The PUMA x CatBloxStudios NFT is up to a 0.33 ETH floor after dipping to 0.07 ETH earlier this month.

The Goblintown floor price is down 10 percent in the past 24 hours to 1.25 ETH. The IlluminatiNFT floor price is holding steady at 0.7 ETH. 



PUMA Teases NFT Project, Offers Allowlist Raffle to Goblintown
Team Behind Goblintown NFT Collection Unveiled
Logan Hitchcock

In a four-minute video posted to the official Twitter, the team behind the recent free mint, cc0 project was unveiled to be Truth Labs, creators of Illuminati Collective and The 187, previously established NFT projects. 

In the video, the team suggests that because of the overwhelming support of the goblins and the collection, they felt they could no longer remain anonymous ahead of calls for merchandise, events, and more. 

The video also reaffirms a few important points regarding goblintown and its free, cc0 foundations. The project will not have a roadmap, utility, nor an official Discord community, despite the unmasking of the previously anonymous team. 

On the mint day, 1,000 goblins from the collection were set aside as reserved NFTs. Truth Labs has now indicated that those 1,000 NFTs will be given away to the Illuminati Collective, The 187, the Illuminati DAO, as well as some members of the Truth Labs team who did not mint during the project's official launch. 

From the 1,000 goblins remaining, 50 will be offered to both the team and the Illuminati DAO. 

The remaining 900 NFTs will be raffled to community members from the aforementioned communities. Five goblin NFTs will be raffled each day for the next six months until all the remaining goblin NFTs have been given away. More details are expected to be shared after NFT NYC. 

The video concludes with details about goblintown's involvement at NFT NYC. 

A McGoblinburger truck will be cruising the streets of NFT with burgers, the team will be hanging with notable artist FEWOCiOUS, goblin holders will be able to attend the IlluminatiNFT event on June 21, followed by a midnight goblin party. The location of the goblin party will be tweeted five minutes prior to the party's start. 

For more information on NFT NYC Events, refer to our event guide

When building IlluminatiNFT, the team hoped to wreak havoc on the blockchain. Since minting for free, the NFT collection has done just that, leading volume rankings for weeks, and ballooning to a floor price above 4 ETH at the time of writing. 

Team Behind Goblintown NFT Collection Unveiled