Pixel Vault Shares Major New Update

Pixel Vault Shares Major New Update
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Pixel Vault intends to innovate in public instead of build in silence, according to a new video shared by the company on Twitter.

โ— Why It Matters

Gaming is picking up steam in web3 headlines, led by the success of Yuga Lab's Dookey Dash, and Pixel Vault has no cemented its vision within this category as well. What was once lauded as a top ecosystem that eventually was hampered by complexity and too many moving parts, it will be interesting to watch Pixel Vault move forward with a clear focus.

๐Ÿ“ The Deets

In the video, Pixel Vault breaks down its gameplan: 

  • March + April: 
    • Focus On Lore: Focusing on the lore for titles like Battle of the Moon, Mutant Origins, Heroes & Villian, Evolution of Earth, and more. 
    • Inhabitant Universe: Package Blue, Act 1
    • Comic "Punk 4" which will be free to read, and not a new mint. 
  • May:
  • And more: PV shared more hints and sneak peeks at the ecosystem's unfolding lore. 

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