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Hang With PROOF at SXSW
Logan Hitchcock

PROOF is hosting a holder event for Moonbirds, Moonbirds Oddities, and PROOF Collective Pass holders on Mar. 12 at SXSW, according to an announcement on Thursday morning

The Deets

Here are some additional details about the announcement:

  • The meetup will be held at the PROOF Day Loung, Lustre Pearl East, 114 Linden St, Austin, TX from 12-6:00 p.m. local time.
  • Attendees will need to RSVP and verify NFT ownership via tokenproof. 
  • Holders can bring friends with them. 
  • Backyard games, merch, food, and drinks will be provided. 

❗Why It Matters

The event marks the first official meetup for Moonbirds holders and is a great opportunity for those in the PROOF ecosystem to socialize with like-minded individuals. Despite negative sentiment in recent weeks, one of PROOF's strengths is in its vast connections and the important networking opportunities it provides. Unlike other PROOF events, holders can get into this one for free! 

🎬 Take Action

Holders can RSVP with tokenproof here


Hang With PROOF at SXSW
PROOF Gives Intensive Ecosystem Update

PROOF co-founders, Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell hosted a live stream to align both PROOF and Moonbirds on its "North Star" - art. 

❗ Why It Matters

Sentiment has been overwhelmingly negative in the PROOF ecosystem of late, with uncertainty surrounding the brand, its mission, and the future for holders of PROOF Passes and Moonbirds NFTs. While not every holder will have heard what they wanted to in the update, PROOF's transparency provided a welcome reprieve from a spiral of negative speculation in which Rose and Mezzell provided insight into what has failed, what has worked, and what the future holds for both collections in order to execute on PROOF's mission.

The Deets

Two foundational points came from PROOF's in today's update - the team believes that "art is proof of our collective humanity" and the purpose of PROOF is "to create unique experiences for collectors to connect with artists to own and champion their art."

While thematic support was a bulk of the conversation, the team also gave an update on some upcoming changes to collections and the ecosystem, some of the most notable are indicated below:

  • Moonbirds Elders: Once the PROOF pass ends on Jan. 1, 2025 - current holders will be cemented as Moonbirds Elders, as part of unifying the Moonbirds and PROOF Passes collections. Elders will have "boosters" which increase chances at exclusive drops and events.
  • As the "Art Collector's PFP" the Moonbirds mission will expand with a core focus on: 
    • Art: curations, drops, collections, etc
    • Information: sharing the story of the art, artists, and collectors
    • Community: connecting collectors and artists via live and virtual events
  • Wen token? "Token not dead, actively being worked on - but also have to have supportive ecosystem in place," said Kevin Rose. 
  • Moonbirds Nesting: Diamond will be final tier, Diamon Exhibition reward coming on Apr. 18. 
  • Moonbirds Oddities: An art project, and solely that. Will be burnable for Moonbirds Mythics Egg. 
  • Moonbirds Mythics: Lower cost of entry to PROOF ecosystem, will have re-roll mechanic, but will not be eligible for art drops. 

Additional details and updates on the Lunar Society and more can be found in full in the official announcement stream. 

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PROOF Gives Intensive Ecosystem Update
PROOF Collective Passes Valid Until January 1, 2025
Julian Son

The PROOF Collective Pass will sunset on January 1, 2025, the team announced in a recent town hall. PROOF has also updated its OpenSea listing to include this expiration date.



❗ Why It Matters

The PROOF Collective Pass is the top tier of the PROOF ecosystem, so this move will be of significant interest not only to its holders, but the Moonbirds ecosystem as well (of which ~80% of PROOF Collective Pass holders are also members).

It also shows that the PROOF brand is considering its horizon beyond just the short term, and is thinking in terms of years, not weeks or months.

🔜 What’s Next?

After January 2025, the private Discord community will remain. The nature of free items like the drops and PROOF of Conference tickets, will change at the end of 2024. 

In 2025, the products that are part of the suite of benefits for Collective Pass holders will likely convert to a la carte paid products:

  • Grails and all other curated drops will likely have a mint cost and be available to the public.
  • The podcast will remain free (but likely ad-supported).
  • The research reports will likely continue as a monthly subscription.

📊 By the Numbers

In the inital aftermath of the news, bitfloorsghost tweeted that there was a fire sale with a flurry of sales in the 21 ETH range occuring on Blur.

Looking at sales in January, the average sale price for PROOF Collective Passes was 28.7 ETH, so there's been a decline of about -25%. However, it should be noted that 24+ hours later, the floor price has held steady at 21.5 ETH, rather than deteriorating further.

🎤 Community Quotes

I support @proof_xyz latest announcements. Would be EASY to say plan was 3 more yrs and then walk back later based on market conditions. Kudos to @kevinrose and @JustinMezzell facing this head on and dealing with the pain now to try to ensure a long sustainable future for Proof.GMAN.ΞTH

PROOF Collective Passes Valid Until January 1, 2025
PROOF Releases Ticketing Details for Upcoming Conference

PROOF announced ticketing details for its upcoming PROOF of Conference on its Twitter account on Monday. 

Why It Matters

PROOF aims to strengthen its community collections, bringing together holders via IRL events. The project recently completed a well-attended European roadshow, and now aims to create a significant annual web3 event, similar to NFT NYC or VeeCon. 

The Deets

PROOF ecosystem NFT holders are eligible for the following: 

  • PROOF Collective Pass holders: can claim one free ticket, purchase one ticket for 50 percent off starting on Jan. 30. 
  • Moonbirds holders: can purchase two tickets for 50 percent discount, starting on Jan. 31.
  • Moonbirds Oddities holders: can purchase one ticket for 50 percent off, starting on Feb. 1. 
  • General public: tickets available for purchase on Feb. 2. 

The conference will take place at Skylight ROW in downtown Los Angeles, California from May 11-13. All tickets will be sold in ETH, with exact prices to be announced. 

Tickets will be tradeable on the secondary market. 

🔜 What's Next 

Based on their eligibility, users will be able to purchase their PROOF of Conference tickets at

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PROOF Releases Ticketing Details for Upcoming Conference
Moonbirds Going Mainstream?
Logan Hitchcock

PROOF Collective has signed with United Talent Agency (UTA) in an effort to grow the Moonbirds brand into a global brand, according to a series of tweets from project founder Kevin Rose. 

Why It Matters: The partnership between PROOF and UTA will ensure a dedicated, experienced team of branding and marketing experts is helping lead and execute partnerships and growth for the Moonbirds brand. 

What Happens Next: The pair are already working on partnerships and collaborations for 2023, though no formal dates or details have been provided. 

Food For Thought: Since moving to the CC0 license, Moonbirds have lost some favor in the NFT market, falling from approximately 20 ETH floor to less than 10 ETH at the time of writing. It is not immediately clear which types of activations or partnerships PROOF will be able to muster with a brand in the public domain. 

Go Deeper:

Moonbirds Going Mainstream?
Proof Team Debuts Collector Profiles, Art Plans, and More
Tyler Warner

The PROOF Collective team shared an update on collector profiles, their 2023 plans for art collections, and other new features in a brief Twitter thread this afternoon.

First, there is a call to action for all holders to go to the newly updated website and update their collector profiles. All PROOF ecosystem NFT holders (Collective, Moonbirds, Oddities, Grails as of now) will have access to these profiles, in an effort to bring the entire community together into one single place.

NFT holders can unify wallet holdings into a single "PROOF [of] Identity," which will serve as a PROOF "single sign on"-like mechanism.  The team stated that this new Identity will make it easier to claim rewards, update the profile, and interact with future features.

Other benefits for NFT holders, exclusively on, include:

  • Token-gated reward claims, research access, podcasts, and other exclusive media access
  • Moonbirds DAO webpages
  • Exciting and innovative artist-collector engagement

The team also plans to roll out artist profiles in a similar fashion to the collector profiles, featuring artist media and art drops.

Another, somewhat buried piece of news in the thread is that the PROOF team will release new art collections in 2023 under 4 banners: Grails, Curated, Genesis, and PROOF Collaborations. This update adds some credibility to those in the community who speculated that Proof will be launching an Art Blocks-like competitor in the near future.

The last portion of the update shares the idea of a Builder Tools page, serving as a public repository of PROOF team resources available for devs, project creators, and more.

Both PROOF Collective Passes and Moonbirds have rallied in the past week, with the PROOF Pass at 36 ETH (+20%) and Moonbirds at 8.85 ETH (+22%).

Proof Team Debuts Collector Profiles, Art Plans, and More
Register Now for PROOF Art Basel Events
Staff Writer

PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities holders can register for PROOF's Art Basel event now

Holders are allowed to bring guests to the event, which takes place Dec. 2 from noon to 8 p.m. at Doya. Holders will need to register their guests and use the TokenProof App when they arrive. There will be two lines outside the event: one for PROOF Collective pass holders and another for Moonbirds and Oddities. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

There will also be a smaller event — called SubParliaments — for smaller Moonbirds groups including Dead Birds Society, Hot Wings, Ladybirds, Los Latin Birds, Nude Birds, and Robirds. Guests are welcome to the event which takes place at Dante's Hifi from 5 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 1.

Another event, the Collective Coffee, which is set to take place Dec. 2, will have sign-up details "soon."

Register Now for PROOF Art Basel Events