PROOF + Moonbirds Community Council Created

PROOF + Moonbirds Community Council Created
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Today, Moonbirds announced the formation of a PROOF + Moonbirds Community Council.

The Details

❗ Why It Matters

The newly formed Community Council is intended to create more opportunities for collaboration within the community and serve as one feedback channel for the PROOF team. Other projects like Gutter Cat Gang and Doodles have formed similar types of focus groups or councils recently to address grievances within their respective communities; it doesn't always work out in the sense that it ultimately still falls on the team to execute on newly presented suggestions and crowdsourced ideas, but it's a good step to take nonetheless.

🎬 Take Action

Those interested can view Moonbirds' tweet thread 🧵 to read brief bios on the 10 new Community Council members.

🎤Community Quotes

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