Moonbirds Mythics Will Start Hatching in June and Receive Commercial Rights

Moonbirds Mythics Will Start Hatching in June and Receive Commercial Rights
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Moonbirds Mythics will start hatching in June and receive full commercial IP rights, per a tweet from Moonbirds today.

What It Means

Moonbirds confirmed that not only will Moonbirds Mythic eggs start hatching in June, but that Mythics will receive full commercial IP rights. Mythics retaining their IP rights stands in contrast to what happened with Moonbirds and Oddities, both of which moved to a CC0 public license last August.

These details were initially touched on in the Moonbirds Twitter space "Parliament: Diamond Nest Edition!" from April 17th, but were conveyed again today in writing, with the previous messaging being nestled along with information about the upcoming Diamond Exhibition and the new rewards token, $TALONS.

โ— Why It Matters

Moonbirds' sudden switch to a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license was a large point of contention that led to a loss of trust in the PROOF team and ruffled the feathers of Moonbirds holders who were upset that they weren't consulted first.

This time around, Moonbirds holders provided feedback requesting IP rights for Mythics, so this development shows that the PROOF team is trying to listen more to the community. It comes at a time when projects such as Pudgy Penguins and Gutter Cat Gang are providing their communities with resources to more easily utilize the IP of their NFTs.

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