RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie Forged

RTFKT Opens World Merging, Connecting Digital and Physical
Logan Hitchcock

RTFKT is opening its world merging, allowing users to connect digital and physical items utilizing the RTFKT WM Chip, according to a tweet from the project. 

As part of the world merging, users will be able to scan an NFC chip (RTFKT WM Chip) and link the physical item to the corresponding NFT. As part of this initial linking, users will also receive a "First Edition" link status. 

Though the items cannot be unlinked until 2023, eventually upon sale of any NFT, the new user will be able to relink the NFT to its respective physical items, albeit without the "First Edition" link status. 

Users will need an RTFKT physical item like the RTFKT Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 or the RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie, which just started shipping to holders last week, to take part in the world merging. 

More updates, including details on "upgradeable links, dynamic access, and IRL quests" are expected shortly.

Additional information about the world merging process can be found in the RTFKT FAQ

RTFKT Opens World Merging, Connecting Digital and Physical
Forging for RTFKT AR Hoodie Goes Live Tonight
Logan Hitchcock

Forging for the RTFKT x NIKE AR Hoodie will go live tonight at 6:00 p.m. ET according to a tweet from the project

The forging process allows NFT holders to redeem a physical edition of the NFT at no additional cost. 

To claim the physical hoodie, users will need to be sure to forge their NFTs before the forging window closes on Monday, July 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET. There will not be another forging window for the RTFKT x NIKE AR Hoodie NFT. 

The forging window is opening just one day after a heavily criticized mint in which select users could not access the RTFKT site and complete their purchases. 

Despite the criticisms, the floor price remains relatively unchanged at 0.34 ETH.

Additional forging details can be found within the announcement thread. Forging will only take place at rtfkt.com

Forging for RTFKT AR Hoodie Goes Live Tonight
RTFKT's Controversial Nike Hoodie Mint Doesn't Scare Off Collectors
Jason Bales

RTFKT launched its Nike AR Hoodie NFT collection today about an hour late after the team was dealing with technical concerns. Even after the delay, the mint did not go off without issues. 

Multiple users complained that the queuing experience was not working, and even when they did reach the inventory page, the screen went blank, access was denied to holders, or the required code never reached email inboxes. 

"Access denied for a holder since mint," one Twitter user wrote.

"Yeah, it's really not [live] though," wrote another frustrated holder. "Did you manage to f--- up yet another mint? [You] learned nothing from Clone X, huh?"

It was possible to mint the collection through the smart contract, though. And Twitter user Vazi even posted a tutorial for frustrated would-be minters. 

RTFKT responded to the situation after the mint sold out.

"We're sorry we made you go through such an unacceptable experience on our site," the team wrote on Twitter. "We take all feedback seriously, and will take actions from this."

Despite the minting issues and concerns, the RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie collection is trading above mint price at a 0.38 ETH floor price. It has completed nearly 300 ETH in total volume in the last hour. 

Physical hoodie redemption starts tomorrow, Jul. 22 and ends on Jul. 25.

RTFKT's Controversial Nike Hoodie Mint Doesn't Scare Off Collectors


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