Lick The Toad Tomorrow When Sewer Re-Opens

Lick The Toad Tomorrow When Sewer Re-Opens
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The official BAYC account tweeted that the Sewer will re-open tomorrow, and provided an official FAQ with more details.

โ— Why It Matters

Sewer pass holders can play for a unique companion trait to their Power Source if they score a Top 500 score run or a Top 2000 score in Toad Points.

This is the final opportunity for pass holders with the "N/A" tag to score and become eligible for the Summoning. N/A Passes will then become eligible to summon a Power Source ranked UNDER what's summoned by previously ranked Sewer Passes (so below the existing Dookey Dash leaderboard). Thus, those perhaps disqualified for any reason now have a shot at redemption, and salvaging the value of their Pass.

๐Ÿ” Need to Know

  • Toad Mode can be played at from Feb. 22, 2023 to Mar. 1, 2023.
  • All Sewer Pass holders are eligible, even those who registered N/A or 0 scores in Dookey Dash.
    • N/A Sewer Passes that play Toad Mode and get a valid score > 0 can burn their Sewer Pass for a Power Source during the Summoning.
    • N/A Sewer Passes will not update the ranking visual displayed on the passes though, even after playing Toad Mode. 
  • You cannot improve your rank through Toad Mode if your pass received a rank before. Only Sewer Passes without a rank as of Feb. 15 will be ranked through participating in Toad Mode. 
  • Leaderboard will now show two different scores tied to your Sewer Pass:
    • One score will be Toad Points, based on the number and kinds of toads collected in a single run of Toad Mode.
    • The other score comprises points accumulated from fragments collected, items bonked, barriers broken, and distance traveled—the Toad Points will not affect this score. 
  • Individuals with a Top 500 score run, or a Top 2000 score in Toad Points, will receive a unique companion trait to their Power Source.


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