LT;DR Feb. 14 NFT Recap: Edenhorde & Look Labs Sell out

LT;DR Feb. 14 NFT Recap: Edenhorde & Look Labs Sell out
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Top News Today:

  • Tasty Bones Minting 

  • Edenhorde & Look Labs Sell out

  • Artblocks 'entretiempos'

  • Top NFT Movers

Tasty Bones Minting 

Tasty Bones began its raffle allowlist mint today where winners of the raffle have 16 hours to mint. The presale concluded this morning with 4,000 mints being allotted to this portion of the minting process. With ~4,900 minted the secondary market has begun to ramp up with 800 ETH in volume today. Floor has held around 1.5 - 2 ETH since minting started yesterday. 

Edenhorde & Look Labs Sell out

Edenhorde, a collection of 8,800 NFTs, sold out today at 0.175 ETH. Hitting nearly a 0.9 ETH floor and running up to almost 1,000 ETH in secondary sales the community has seen quite the explosion this afternoon. With four different tribes each NFT has a unique character with an interesting backstory surrounding each group. 

Look Labs, a 420 P2E cannabis industry & ecosystem game, sold out its remaining NFT passes this afternoon. Reaching just over 700 ETH in secondary volume, the NFT community will wait for the upcoming $HIGH token and game to be released in the near future. Holders of this original genesis NFT will also have access to future NFT utilities and upcoming merchandise.  

Artblocks 'entretiempos'

Artblocks released its latest curated collection, "entretiempos" by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez. The 1,000 NFT piece collection sold out via Dutch auction this afternoon with the price starting at 5 ETH being lowered every 5 minutes until the final mint occurred at 0.5 ETH. Sitting just under mint at 0.44 ETH the community has become accustomed to this type of price action for Artblocks Curated Projects post reveal in recent months.



  • Azuki leads the project rankings page as the whole market volume is down after Super Bowl weekend. Reaching the top with over 1,300 ETH in volume the floor price for Azuki has hovered around 12-13 ETH.

  • Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis flies in volume as it jumps nearly 800% propelled by a couple of larger sales this afternoon, just behind Azuki for top volume last 24 hours. 

  • Clone X rounds out the rankings page with just under 1,000 ETH in 24-hour volume up almost 10% on a relatively slow Monday across the board. 

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