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Sartoshi Stepping Away as mfers Enter 'Next Era'

Sartoshi Stepping Away as mfers Enter 'Next Era'

Sartoshi, the creator and leader of the mfers NFT project, is stepping away and yielding control of the mfers future to the community according to a blog post released today.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 23: Invisible Friends Mint

LT;DR Feb. 23 NFT Recap: Invisible Friends Mint

Today in NFTs Feb. 23: Invisible Friends showed why it was the most hyped mint of the year, minting this afternoon to its allow list at 0.25 ETH.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 22: 3Landers Reveal

LT;DR Feb. 22 NFT Recap: 3Landers Reveal

Today in NFTs Feb. 22: 3landers, a collection of 10,000 cartoon character NFTs, revealed this morning with an increase of over 150% trading volume.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 21:

LT;DR Feb. 21 NFT Recap: OpenSea Turmoil

Today in NFTs Feb. 21: OpenSea ran into issues this weekend as a hacker stole 254 NFT token.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 17: NBA Top Shot 1/1

LT;DR Feb. 17 NFT Recap: NBA Top Shot 1/1

Today in NFTs Feb. 17: Top Shot announced a new 1-of-1 NFT that will grant VIP access to the next five All-Star games.
NFT Daily Recap Feb. 11: FVCKRENDER & KoD Roadmaps

LT;DR Feb. 11 NFT Recap: FVCKRENDER & KoD Roadmaps

Today in NFTs Feb. 11: FVCKRENDER released a roadmap for the FVCK Crystals collection this afternoon.
NFT Daily Recap: December 1

LT;DR: Dec. 1 NFT Recap: Smilesssvrs & MekaVerse Airdrops, Cool Cats Raffles

Today in NFTs: Smilesssvrs & MekaVerse Airdrops, Cool Cats Raffles