Captainz Reveal Process Updated, Potatoz Questing Launches Next Week

Captainz Reveal Process Updated, Potatoz Questing Launches Next Week
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The Captainz reveal process is skipping the Jolly Roger stage, and Potatoz Questing launches next week, according to 9GAGCEO's announcement in the Memeland Discord today.

❗ Why It Matters

There had been speculation that the Jolly Roger reveal would occur this weekend. This would've been an intermediary stage in which the flag, faction, and crew of a Captainz would be revealed (and then the full reveal would've been for the PFP, with full traits and rarities). But 9GAGCEO said today that they've updated the reveal process, and that there will be more details to follow.

Today's update also included 2 other components. Starting next week, Potatoz will be able to embark on their own quests and get "Valuables" that they keep with them (similar to Captainz' ability to hold and quest for Mapz). And more color has been given about "Potions".


🔍 The Details

  • Jolly Roger Reveal
    • Updated the reveal process, based on community feedback
    • Reveal is still occurring in stages, it's just skipping Stage 2 [which had previously been floated as a possibility]
    •  “The construction of a palace takes more time than an ordinary building" 🏗️
  • Potions
    • Only questing Super Crew (1 MVP + 9 Captainz + 27 Potatoz) and Full Crew (1 Captainz + 3 Potatoz) can find Potions
      • Questing Super Crews can find 1 Potion every 7 days (from the day of their formation)
      • Questing Full Crews have a chance to find the 6 Potions every week
    •  There are 9 different rarities of potions: Galaxy, Prototype, Yin Yang, Clear, Gold, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow
    • "Potions are for [redacted]"
  • Potatoz Questing and Valuables
    • Potatoz Questing launches next week
    • Potatoz get a "Valuable" every 7 days when they're questing (even if they don't have a Captainz attached)
    • Potatoz bring their Valuables with them even when they're moved or traded, similar to Captainz and Maps
    • Existing raffle tickets (without the MVP boost) will be converted to Valuables
    • "Valuables are for [redacted]"

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