Azurbala Shares Plans for Azurian PFPs

Azurbala Shares Plans for Azurian PFPs
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Azurbala is splitting up the development of its PFP art into three phases, according to an announcement from the project. 

Why It Matters: Though highly anticipated, the initial Azurians art reveal was met with strong criticism from the NFT community, so much so it prompted the project to undergo a major initiative to redo the art. The new artwork is being produced with multiple rounds of community input. 

What Happens Next: The project is ready to kick off its three-phase plan, which incorporates the following:

  • Phase 1: Sketches, base model, style
  • Phase 2: Traits, attributes, props, color/light
  • Phase 3: Quality control, render final avatars

The project will provide a Twitter Spaces for more detailed communication during Phase 1. 

OK, perfect. I'm super excited about this and I appreciate how hard you guys are working to make this right. But I also know mfers have zero patience. (I'm mfers)ZenCheetah.eth

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