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REPORT: Gutter Labs Under New Ownership
Logan Hitchcock

Gutter Cat Gang community member Noah (@mauloadream) is reportedly set to take over Gutter Labs, according to an exclusive report from the Gutter Cat Times. 

The Deets

  • Noah made public offer of $500,000 in late Sept. 
  • No official deal announcement or figures shared by previous team. 
  • If/when formally completed Noah committed to enhanced transparency and more streamlined operations.
  • Hopes to emphasize community engagement through Discord, Twitter, and Twitter Spaces.

The Bulk

The Gutter Cat Times reported that Gutter Cat Gang community member Noah signed a deal to acquire Gutter Labs' assets after he made a public offer to take over the company in late September. 

In his exclusive interview, Noah stressed the importance of providing a platform for creators and members of the community to contribute and grow. The report indicates that he will be responsible for all daily operations at Gutter Labs. 

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

The Gutter Labs flagship project, Gutter Cat Gang, is up 80% in the last seven days to a 0.77 ETH floor. 

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

I'm excited about the deal going through, and my big goal is to unlock what's special about the Gang. We have a great future ahead of us. I want to help the GCG progress, tap into the community and creators who are here, and give them a platform to build.Noah to Gutter Cat Times

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

More information about the acquisition and the next steps for Gutter Labs are expected shortly. 

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REPORT: Gutter Labs Under New Ownership
Gutter Cat Gang Launches Official Gutter Shop
Bill Monighetti

Gutter Cat Gang announced that Gutter Labs has teamed up with Shopify to launch the official Gutter Shop as a storefront for selling Gutter Cat merch in a Twitter thread this afternoon.

โ— Why It Matters

Gutter Cat fans will now have easy access to the project's merch, with the option to pay in USD.

๐Ÿ”Ž The Deets

  • In commemoration of the store's launch, Gutter Cat Gang is "restocking a few, popular limited items from the past."
  • Gutter Cat NFT holders are entitled to a 15% discount on store items.
  • Items currently available include a host of hoodies and sweatpants from the GCG x Jugrnaut collab, plus a variety of other shirt, pants, hat and plush toy options.

๐ŸŽค Community Feedback

Hell yea! Been wanting that Jugrnaut crewneck for a while now. GG@_PIXLZ_

Gutter Cat Gang Launches Official Gutter Shop
Clone Machine Open to Build D2 Gutter Dogs
Logan Hitchcock

The Gutter Cat Gang Clone Machine is open once more, according to a tweet from the project. 

This time, holders can utilize the Clone Machine to upgrade a D1 Gutter Dog Clone to a D2 Gutter Dog Clone, offering advanced exclusivity within the Gutter Cat ecosystem. 

To build a D2 Gutter Dog Clone, holders need to burn two NFTs, one D1 Gutter Dog Clone, and one D2 DNA Gutter Juice while also choosing a D1 Gutter Dog Clone to "enhance." 

D2 Gutter Dog Clones will reveal shortly after completing the cloning process, leaving users with a new Gutter Dog NFT with enhanced traits "inspired by sports, streetwear, culture, and nostalgia."

The cloning process has been a positive experience for some members of the Gutter Cat Gang community. 

"The pop culture references in the traits have been a real treat," said Gutter Cat Gang community Member Noah#7301, "The Dalmatian fur became a gutter version of Pac-Man, the Beethoven fur became a reference to Guitar Hero, and the Dog Bone Chain became a Zelda Nintendo game cartridge, the ones you had to blow in to clear out the dust to get them to work. These traits hit home since I grew up playing these games, [it] brings back memories."

All in all, the process to create a D2 Gutter Dog Clone would cost a new participant around 0.26 ETH, 0.19 ETH of which is effectively burned in the process. As of 5:45 p.m. ET, 91 D2 Gutter Dogs have been created, holding a floor price of 0.40 ETH at the time of writing. 

Clone Machine Open to Build D2 Gutter Dogs
DNA-2 Gutter Pigeon Clones Now Available
Rare Gutter Cat NFT Sells for 30 ETH
Staff Writer

Gutter Cat Gang #2711, a rare Gutter Cat NFT with the "Black Tats" trait, sold for 30 ETH earlier today according to OpenSea.

The Gutter Cat saw its first secondary sale over a year ago at a price of 7.49 ETH and then bounced around to multiple wallets before being purchased by OpenSea user Noah_In_GCG_Discord today for 30 ETH.

The wallet holds many other Gutter ecosystem assets as well as many NFTs from the SupDucks ecosystem.

This purchase is tied for the third highest all-time on OpenSea (in ETH terms) at 30 ETH and happened not even a full 24 hours after the news that the $GANG coin release is being delayed.

Rare Gutter Cat NFT Sells for 30 ETH
Gutter Teases Jeff Staple Collaboration
Staff Writer

Gutter Cat Gang teased a collaboration with notable streetwear artist Jeff Staple in a tweet earlier this afternoon.

While there are no concrete details released yet on the potential collaboration, Gutter Cat Gang posted an edited video of a skatepark that ended with an image that said "StapleGutter," signaling that the two teams are working on some sort of co-branded collaboration.

Jeff Staple is the artist behind Staple Pigeon and the creator of the METAPIGEON that came from the RTFKT collection "RTFKT x JeffStaple."

Gutter Teases Jeff Staple Collaboration
Gutter Cat Gang DNA-2 Mint Now Live
Staff Writer

The drop for Gutter Cat Gang's DNA-2 NFT went live at 4:20 p.m. ET today. There will be a total of 4,000 NFTs available to mint in this collection drop.

Official Gutter DNA-2 Mint Website

There will be a total of 1,000 DNA-2 NFTs for every Gutter Species -- Cats, Dogs, Rats, and Pigeons. Market participants will not know what species they will receive prior to minting according to the team's blog for the drop on its official website. 

Users will be able to purchase the NFT via Dutch Auction where the starting price begins at 0.90 ETH and then gradually decreases over the next 75 minutes until it hits a price of 0.30 ET.

To use the DNA-2 upgrade, holders will need to hold two DNA-1 Gutter Clones of the same species as well as burn the DNA-2 Juice matching the Gutter Clone they are wishing to upgrade. Once the holding requirements are met, willing users must then select a DNA-1 Gutter Clone to upgrade and one DNA-1 Gutter Clone to burn.

The team states this will mean that "the D1 Gutter Clone supply becomes deflationary"

Gutter Cat Gang DNA-2 Mint Now Live
GutterCon 2022 Tickets Are Now Available for Eligible Claimers
Staff Writer

Gutter Cat Gang announced that its GutterCon 2022 tickets are now available to claim via its TokenProof event here.

Potential attendees must claim their tickets prior to Aug. 16 at 11:59 p.m. ET. After this date and time, tickets will no longer be available.

The only way to claim and access the event is through TokenProof. Download the app for iOS here and for Android here.

GutterCon 2022 will take place on Friday, Sep. 16 at 7 p.m. ET in Las Vegas (4 p.m. local time) and end on Sunday, Sep. 18 at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. local time). Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, and Clones are welcome.

The official location has not yet been announced.

For more information on the event and how to claim tickets, see Gutter Cat Gang's post here.

GutterCon 2022 Tickets Are Now Available for Eligible Claimers
Gutter Cat Gang Releases Free Art Claim for Holders
Staff Writer

Gutter Cat Gang released its most recent art drop for holders according to a post on its website earlier this evening. 

The team got Epic Thundercat, an artist who is well known for using her art as a medium to express her negative emotions, to create the piece.

All holders of a Gutter Cat, Dog, Pigeon, and Rat at the time of the snapshot earlier today will be able to claim the piece for free on the Gutter art website.

Gutter also partnered with her to do a one-of-one auction where users can bid to win the "Gutter Degen PFP Special" as well as the "Auction Winner Bonus Piece."

The window to mint the free Twitter banner NFT and to bid on the auction both come to a close tomorrow at 4:00 pm ET.

Gutter Cat Gang Releases Free Art Claim for Holders
Gutter Ecosystem Volume Jumps After Co-Founder's Tweet
Staff Writer

The Gutter collection features such projects as Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Dogs, Gutter Pigeons, Gutter Rats, and Gutter Clones.

All of those collections besides the OG set in Gutter Cat Gang saw a sizable increase in volume over the last 24 hours after one of its founders Gutter Dan posted a tweet many are speculating to be related to the release of $GANG, the upcoming utility token for the project.

The tweet came out almost exactly 24 hours ago and here is how these projects have faired since then according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Gutter Cat Gang 43.00 -6.52% 6.39 -0.93%
Gutter Dogs 28.00 +460.00% 1.49 +7.19%
Gutter Pigeons 26.00 +188.89% 1.25 +26.26%
Gutter Rats 29.00 +222.22% 1.20 +22.45%
Gutter Clones 24.00 +118.18% 0.14 +3.85%


Gutter Ecosystem Volume Jumps After Co-Founder's Tweet