Collectors Hub Gets a Boost

Collectors Hub Gets a Boost
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Gutter Cat Gang added Gutter Credentials, the ability to link multiple wallets, and various other features to the Gutter Collectors Hub, it detailed via tweet.

The Details

Some of the new improvements can be found below:

  • Credentials: the first season of credentials is all collector based, receive cred based on Gutter assets held
  • Link Multiple Wallets: Ability to add additional wallets to your Gutter profile if you have GCG collectibles in different wallets
  • Download your Gutter Cat as a cutout
  • New Gutterboard graph, profile previews, Top 25/50 indicators, & regional World Map views

Why It Matters

One of the ideas that was brought up in the recent community focus groups was improving the "collector experience, rewarding loyalty, game theory, gamification." Therefore, the addition of credentials, as well as the other UX improvements that add a sense of gamification to the Gutter Collector Hub, are all welcome developments for the future of the Gutter and already community approved. 

🎬 Take Action

Holders of any Gutter species can earn the Early Bird Credential by filling out their profile by Feb. 28. 

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