Captainz Plunder: Raid for Maps on the High Seas

Captainz Plunder: Raid for Maps on the High Seas
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Captainz now have the ability to join raids and steal Maps from other Captainz, per Memeland's tweet today.

The Details

  • Joining raids will allow you to steal Maps, but other raiding Captainz will also have the chance to steal your Maps as well.
  • Raids require a Captainz to hold at least 1 Special or Extraordinary Map.
  • When a Captainz joins the raid, they have a 40% chance to win a Special or Extraordinary Map, a 50% chance of losing their Map to the other Captainz, and a 10% chance of the Map being lost in the Broken Seas (burned).
  • Note that Memeland is test-running the pilot season of raids for 1 week, and there will be no prizes during the pilot season. The pilot season will be closely monitored to adjust the rules if necessary.
  • The raid points are reset every season.

โ— Why It Matters

Memeland is masterful at finding ways to engage with the community, and their latest move is to empower Captainz to raid. As Memeland so eloquently puts it, this is the pirate's way, and fortune favors the bold. So you can raid for whatever reason: if you're unhappy with the Mapz you got this week, need to settle a feud, or are just bored.

Raiding allows Captainz holders to take part in a game of chance centered around Maps, a key part of the Memeland ecosystem that can be earned every 7 days by Captainz who go questing. The upside of stealing a plundered Map will have to be weighed against the corresponding downside of possibly losing a Map to other raiding Captainz, or even being burned.

The dynamic is reminiscent of the mechanism in the earliest days of Wolf Game, in which wolves were able to accrue a ‘tax’ from sheep as well as steal newly minted NFTs. At their core, many in the NFT space are also gamblers who chase tantalizing rewards, so this will no doubt be a welcome new feature.

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

Captainz holders can join a raid here:

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