Lou's Blues | News and Notes From Top NFT Projects

Lou's Blues |  News and Notes From Top NFT Projects

This article is designed to track NFT news, updates, and announcements for the top NFT projects - the blue chips. 

Below we'll walk through weekly price updates and the most significant news from the bunch. 


Price Tracker

Project Name Floor (ETH)

7-Day Volume (ETH) Floor Change 7-Day Volume Change
Bored Ape Yacht Club 87.8 8,001 -9.6% +27.6%
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 17.5 3,596 -6.4% -7.9%
Otherdeed for Otherside 2.9 6,769 -4.4% -56.5%
Cryptopunks 47.7 2,319 -2.1% +31.3%
Moonbirds 21.9 1,654 -9.1% -33.4%
Clone X 12.5 1,979 -10.6% -26.0%
Azuki 11.7 2,543 -6.5% +14.7%
Doodles 12.0 985 -4.2% +29.6%
World of Women 4.4 352 +6.0% -20.4%
Cool Cats NFT 4.4 692 +33.9% +65.3%

(data as of 5/31/2022)


Notable Sales


Project Updates

The following are news and updates from some of this week's top projects:


Yuga Labs

The claim window for Otherdeed NFTs for Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT holders ended on May 22. As of right now, Otherdeeds NFTs hold a floor price of 2.9 ETH, slightly below the typical cost basis for minters. 

Additionally, the first tech demo for Voyagers, the First Trip was announced. Followers can expect it to drop on July 16. 

Lastly, the ApeCoin Discourse forum has been restructured to make it easier for holders to maneuver through the site and learn about ApeCoin Improvement Proposals. 



Kevin Rose made headlines after a tweet saying he will ask OpenSea to remove projects with "Moonbirds" in the name to avoid confusion with the PROOF Collective PFP project. 

The tweet led AI Moonbirds to be rebranded to AI Nightbirds, and also triggered the "Moonbirds" photography collection by Vince Van Dough.

In other news, Moonbirds holders who had their NFTs nested for 30 days have now achieved "bronze nest" status. As part of the upgrade to Bronze, users were able to claim a free hat and sticker book. When holders reach 60 days nested, Bronze will then be upgraded to Silver status. There was also a bug caught by the team in relation to the nesting smart contract. Though minor, users should be aware that nested Moonbird NFTs can still be sold if they've listed their NFT - despite these NFTs not being showcased on OpenSea. 

Last but not least, The "Moonbirds Oddities" collection was airdropped to holders of nested Moonbirds. Any that remain unclaimed will be distributed to "a diverse set of collectors - women, people of color, and underrepresented groups." 

Moonbirds Oddities, which features artwork from GREMPLIN (of CrypToadz and Nouns fame) will not be revealed until July, but have held a steady floor around 3 ETH since launch.



RTFKT announced the Space Drip Sneaker NFT redemption period, which will run until June 6. After claiming the Space Drip Sneaker NFT - users will then have from June 6 to June 12 to forge their sneaker NFT for a physical pair of the matching sneakers.

The Space Drip Capsules features 19 artists, including Ben Mauro (Huxley), Defaced, and Loopifyyy (Treeverse).

Plus, RTFKT teamed up with Christie's auction house, to auction off a CloneX NFTs with the "GLD SAMURAI" trait on May 26. Unfortunately, since the reserve price was not met so the NFT was not sold.


NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot announced a new set of Magic Johnson Moments coming on June 7. The Moments will be sealed in 1,600 packs, all of which will include one of four rare or legendary Johnson moments and cost $399. From the selection of 1,600, 75 percent of the packs will be available for users with a Top Shot Score of 150,000 or more.

The other 400 will be available through a queue system with no Top Shot Score requirement. The new Top Shot Score was introduced earlier this month.

In another major update, VIPs and members of the Nine Lives Lounge were granted access to the offer functionality, which was introduced on May 26. These users now have the ability to send offers for Moments with Dapper funds.

Lastly, NBA Top Shot announced a referral program on May 25. Referrers and their friends will receive a $15 Dapper credit after the invited user makes their first purchase. 


World of Women

World of Women donated $100,000 to Community Partners International to provide humanitarian assistance to children in need in Myanmar (Burma) as part of the WoW emergency fund.


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