No Response From Pak Following Pranksy Comments
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Update: Murat Pak's Twitter activity picked up around 12:22 a.m. ET on Sunday, July 31, but the artist did not formally respond to any of the recent criticisms from the notable NFT collector, Pransky. Instead, Pak retweeted and quote-tweeted a handful of old tweets, including a pair of tweets claiming ownership of the pseudonym. 

It has been almost 36 hours since Pranksy called out Murat Pak over the lack of updates on their projects such as Merge, Ash, and more.

"There was a supposed grand plan and many promises made, dates set, dates missed? Some news would be nice for those of us invested," Pranksy tweeted on July 29.

Since the comment by Pranksy, there has been no response from the artist known as Pak even though many users were echoing Pransky's sentiment in the comments. 

"Pak is literally the biggest grifter in NFTs," says Twitter user @OttoSuwenNFT.

Another Twitter user by the name of @0xAllen goes on to say "everything about Pak is hype."

Merge, Pak's latest drop on Nifty Gateway, marks the largest NFT sale of all time, breaking the previous record held by Beeple. The drop, which featured unique "merging" mechanics when transferring NFTs, sold more than $91M in total.

Shortly after the drop, many Merge NFTs were purchased above 1 ETH, but the collection holds a floor price of just 0.10 ETH at present time. 

Merge is not the only Pak creation heading downward. The artist's ecosystem token, $ASH, is down 12 percent since Pranksy's comments and is down almost 98 percent from its all-time high according to CoinGecko.

No Response From Pak Following Pranksy Comments


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