RTFKT, a community-led NFT organization that was recently purchased by Nike, is partnering with Ledger, the hardware wallet technology company, for its upcoming Genesis Pass mint.

All RTFKT NFT holders are now capable of joining the allowlist, which grants them access to the Genesis Pass NFT mint. Other mint partners include: TAG Heuer, Brick, Deadfellaz, and Jen Stark. 

Ledger's Genesis Pass grants access to exclusive collaborations, limited-edition hardware wallets, and more. Perks currently include (but are not limited to):

  • A limited-edition black-on-black Nano X crypto hardware wallet (max 10,000 ever made)
  • Preferred access to [L] market collaborations 
  • Privledged access to new Ledger hardware wallets
  • Airdrops of art NFTs from Ledger's Artist in Residence program

The mint is expected to take place in July. There are 10,000 total Genesis Pass NFTs available in the collection.

RTFKT Partners With Ledger as Launch Partner for Upcoming Project

RTFKT's official Twitter account teased an announcement regarding "Chapter 2.2" at 11:00 a.m. ET today. 

The tweet reads, "Chapter 2.2 starts with a tease of something new, none of you see coming." 

RTFKT has been relatively quiet since allowing its holders to reveal their MNLTH boxes earlier this year. Since then, the floor price for MNLTH and Clone X, the project's two largest NFT collections have fallen to 4.90 and 11.39 ETH respectively. 

RTFKT Teases Next Chapter

Holders of RTFKT Space Drip x Air Force 1 NFTs will be able to claim physical sneakers today, @RTFKTStudios tweeted today.

The NFTs are available to buy on OpenSea. The floor price is 3 ETH.

RTFKT Announces Physical Sneaker Claim Goes Live Today

RTFKT disabled the equip function from its website for the time being to thwart scammers who have been selling unequipped Cryptokicks NFTs as if they were equipped.

Bad actors are no longer able to unequip their NFTs after putting them on sale, or prior to the acceptance of a bid. 

Both unequipped Cryptokicks NFTs and skin vial NFTs can now be safely purchased on OpenSea.

Holders can still preview the skins in their inventory here.

RTFKT Disables Equip Function on MNLTH to Thwart Scammers

RTFKT warned users against buying or bidding on equipped sneakers on OpenSea again on Sunday. Bad actors are able to unequip after putting it on sale, or prior to the acceptance of a bid. 

RTFKT recommends to only buy unequipped sneakers or skin vials at this time. 

RTFKT Warns 'Do Not Buy Equipped Sneakers'

After RTFKT finally unveiled its plans for the contents of the MNLTH NFT, Pranksy, a notable NFT investor and collector, performed a massive $1.1M sweep totalling 40 MNLTH NFTs. 

To learn more about the reveal and MNLTH reactions, read our recap

Notable NFT Collector Pranksy Sweeps 40 MNLTH for $1.1M

Update: 4:49 p.m. E.T. - RKFKT has released the website for holders to burn the MNLTH NFT here https://mnlth.rtfkt.com/.

RTFKT Studios have partnered with Nike CryptoKicks to create Sneakers, powered by Skin Vial. The vials allow holders to upgrade their Sneakers with limited edition skins.

Collect, evolve, and breed skins. Evo X is the first Skin Vial collection, which includes 8 Clone X DNA- based skins.

RTFKT Introduces Skin Vials for Nike Cryptokicks
RTFKT Studios announced that the final Quest for its MNLTH boxes has been completed. The solution to the Ultimate Quest can be found here
The opening sequence has begun and holders will soon be able to reveal the contents within.
MNLTH Final Quest Completed, Reveal to Follow

RTFKT Studios released a puzzle as part of the MNLTH ULTIMATE Quest. The riddle appears to be the final piece of the puzzle in revealing the boxes.

Head over to the #quest-chat in the RTFKT discord here to watch the solution in real-time with the community. 

RTFKT MNLTH 'Ultimate Quest' the Final Puzzle

In a tweet at 12:05 pm ET, RTFKT shared that the final quest "is about to start." The tweet includes a rotating image of what appears to be a bird-like creature, perhaps an example of what some MNLTH boxes will reveal. The founders have already confirmed that each MNLTH box contains a unique item. 

RTFKT Shares a Potential MNLTH Reveal Example
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