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RTFKT x CAA: Nike's Design Studio Signs With Talent Agency
Julian Son

RTFKT signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), per The Hollywood Reporter and a tweet from @RTFKT today.

The Deets

  • RTFKT is joining forces with CAA to expand the company's IP into film and TV.
  • Nike acquired the digital design studio in 2021, and the virtual fashion platform specializes in digital sneakers and other accessories.
  • RTFKT will also collaborate with CAA to create a series of webinars and other educational programming for other crypto- and 3D-focused artists.

❗ Why It Matters

Nike keeps working to expand its digital presence and create partnerships with other Web2 behemoths.

Last week, Nike Virtual Studios announced a .SWOOSH x EA Sports partnership, and now Nike's digital design studio RTFKT is signing with powerhouse talent agency CAA to explore film and TV projects based on RTFKT's intellectual property. And last month, Rumble Kong League (RKL) inked a deal with CAA Sports, so CAA's continued involvement serves to legitimize Web3 projects as well.

🎀 Founder Feedback

We've always built our brand to inspire the next generation of creators, accelerating a future where talent and creatives can merge cultures and technology in new ways. Being able to work with such a world-class team and explore new mediums for our IPs and creativity, such as TV, film and define what the future of interactive storytelling is a dream come true.Benoit Pagotto, founder of RTFKT

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RTFKT x CAA: Nike's Design Studio Signs With Talent Agency
Cryptokicks iRL Unhubbing Taking Place May 15-29
Julian Son

RTFKT announced that Cryptokicks iRL Hubbed NFT holders will have the opportunity to select a US shipping address between May 15th and 29th, with additional details on how the Unhubbing process will work to follow next week.

❗ Why It Matters

Unhubbing was originally scheduled to start on May 1, but instead will now take place in the back half of this month. Cryptokicks iRL Hubbed holders have a two-week window between May 15th and May 29th to unhub their sneakers and choose the address that the physical gets delivered to. This was done to give international holders time to find a place that would be able to reroute the shoes to them.

πŸ”™ Back It Up

Within the RTFKT Cryptokicks iRL collection, there are two different states of Cryptokicks iRL: "Forged" and "Hubbed" versions.

  • If Forged, the physical has already been redeemed, so don't purchase if you would like the corresponding physical component, as the Forged version is just a digital collectible.
  • Hubbed versions are basically confirmed preorders where the sneaker size and color were already assigned but the shipping address was not selected.

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Cryptokicks iRL Unhubbing Taking Place May 15-29
RTFKT: The Journey Begins Tomorrow

RTFKT updated holders on its initiatives and 2023 timelines, starting with pod burning, in a tweet thread on Monday afternoon. 

Why It Matters

Every indication is that RTFKT will focus on its foundations and its core collections through interactive storytelling, leading up to a major IRL event at the end of the year. The ambitious 2023 plans begin tomorrow when RTFKT's pod burning will commence. 

Founder Feedback

Ready for the journey??? What's next everyone? πŸ›£πŸ”ClegFX RTFKT

🎬 Take Action

Prepare yourself for the potential pod burning mechanics with the teaser chart breakdown.

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RTFKT: The Journey Begins Tomorrow
RTFKT Completes MNLTH X Airdrop, Addresses Community

RTFKT announced the appearance of MNLTH X on Thursday afternoon, with the new airdrop going out to holders of MNLTH 1 or 2 based on a snapshot taken on Dec. 5

MNLTH X currently holds a floor of .76 in early trading post-airdrop. 

The airdrop comes in the wake of a tumultuous week for RTFKT, which faced significant backlash following an initial announcement that IRL CryptoKicks would only be available to ship to holders in the United States

The floor price of MNLTH 1 is down 57% to 0.97 ETH over the last seven days, with MNLTH 2 down a whopping 92% to 0.108 over the same time period. 

RTFKT addressed the community prior to the airdrop on Thursday in a Twitter Spaces

RTFKT Completes MNLTH X Airdrop, Addresses Community
RTFKT Cryptokicks Public Registration Is Live
Staff Writer

RTFKT announced that the public mint draw registration for its Cryptokicks iRL is now live, via Twitter this afternoon. The team recently updated the mint mechanics for the new digital shoe drop in response to community uproar over their inability to ship internationally.

Interested parties can register at, and registration will be open until Dec. 9 at 11 a.m. ET. Winners will be notified via email between Dec. 13-15, and then the public mint and forging event will take place Dec. 14-16.

Holders of the following RTFKT NFTs will have better odds of being able to buy the Cryptokicks iRL:

  • Clone X
  • Lace Engine
  • Cryptokicks Dunk Genesis
  • Space Drip AF1s
  • Clone Forge AF1s

More information can be found on the different shoe styles, colors, and patters at this site.

The Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks have been in free-fall this week with a current floor of 0.22 ETH (-23%), while the legacy MNLTH 2, the Lace Engine NFT, is at 0.17 ETH.

RTFKT Cryptokicks Public Registration Is Live
RTFKT Selling 'Auto-Lacing' Cryptokicks Inspired by 'Back to the Future 2'
Staff Writer

RTFKT is selling 19,000 smart sneakers inspired by the Nike Mag shoe from the movie “Back to the Future 2.” 

Cryptokicks iRL is a physical and digital NFT that ranges in price from $450 to $1,333 and comes in four styles: Blackout, Stone, Ice, and Space Matter.

Users have two ways to purchase the shoes:

The sneakers include the following futuristic features: “ auto-lacing, enhanced lighting, haptic feedback, gesture control, walk detection, App connectivity, AI/ML algorithms and wireless charging via the RTFKT Powerdeck.”

Prices are as follows (prices will be in ETH and the USD equivalent during mint):

For Lace Engine holders:

  • Blackout: $450
  • Stone: $500
  • Ice Mag: $600
  • Space Matter: $1,000

Public mint:

  • Blackout: $580
  • Stone: $650
  • Ice Mag: $700
  • Space Matter: $1,333
RTFKT Selling 'Auto-Lacing' Cryptokicks Inspired by 'Back to the Future 2'
Snapshot for MNLTH 1 and 2 Taken
Staff Writer

A snapshot of all MNLTH 1 and MNLTH 2 holders for the upcoming MNLTH 3 airdrop has been taken, according to RTFKT.

The snapshot comes after the first Quest to unlock MNLTH 2 came Sunday

The floor price for the MNLTH 2 hit around 1.5 ETH before the scheduled snapshot this morning. It's now down to 0.79 ETH. The floor price for the original MNLTH is 1.99 ETH.

The MNLTH 3 airdrop is coming at "a later date," the project said.

Snapshot for MNLTH 1 and 2 Taken
MNLTH 2 Quest Unlocked, Snapshot for MNLTH 3 Announced
Logan Hitchcock

A snapshot for MNLTH 3 is coming tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. ET, according to a tweet from RTFKT.

The snapshot will capture a list of all MNLTH 1 and 2 NFT holders, making them eligible for the MNLTH 3 airdropped, which has not yet been announced.

The news comes after the quest for MNLTH 2, which officially went live earlier this morning, was successfully unlocked. The first quest for MNLTH 2 pointed users to a puzzle series via a live Twitch stream

As part of the unlocking announcement, RTFKT teased an unveiling of MNLTH 2, which appears to showcase a briefcase-like object with a circular item inside. The tweet included the question, "what is this lace engine?"

The floor price for MNLTH 2 continues to rise, up to 1.75 ETH according to OpenSea. 

Want to learn more about the MNLTH and the RTFKT ecosystem? Read our comprehensive ecosystem guide

MNLTH 2 Quest Unlocked, Snapshot for MNLTH 3 Announced
RTFKT Completes Eggsperience 1, Announces Wednesday Claim

RTFKT's first 'eggsperience' launched on Tuesday, advancing the lore of the recently released Project Animus via an interactive Twitch live stream.

Users were prompted to post commands in the chat such as !OVERRIDE and !PROTECT, which controlled the experience as the stream explored a secret research facility.

Eggsperience 2 will take place tomorrow, followed by the 'EGGDROP' claim according to the project's Twitter

RTFKT Completes Eggsperience 1, Announces Wednesday Claim
RTFKT: MNLTH2 Quests Will Have to Wait
Staff Writer

RTFKT is postponing its MNLTH2 quest, according to a tweet Monday.

“We are preparing a new experience and we want to make sure we get it right,” the project tweeted. “Also, a few exciting things lined up in (October) so we will take it step by step.”

MNLTH2 was a closed box dropped to holders of the first MNLTH, when it was revealed in April. 

Like the first MNLTH, a series of quests is set for MNLTH2 before it reveals. The first MNLTH box, which was airdropped to Clone X holders in early February, didn’t reveal until April after the quests. That box also got up to an 8 ETH floor price pre-reveal. The MNLTH2 is currently at a 1.49 ETH floor.

The Clone X floor price is down more than 12 percent over the last month to 6.29 ETH. 

RTFKT: MNLTH2 Quests Will Have to Wait