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RTFKT x CAA: Nike's Design Studio Signs With Talent Agency
Julian Son

RTFKT signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), per The Hollywood Reporter and a tweet from @RTFKT today.

The Deets

  • RTFKT is joining forces with CAA to expand the company's IP into film and TV.
  • Nike acquired the digital design studio in 2021, and the virtual fashion platform specializes in digital sneakers and other accessories.
  • RTFKT will also collaborate with CAA to create a series of webinars and other educational programming for other crypto- and 3D-focused artists.

❗ Why It Matters

Nike keeps working to expand its digital presence and create partnerships with other Web2 behemoths.

Last week, Nike Virtual Studios announced a .SWOOSH x EA Sports partnership, and now Nike's digital design studio RTFKT is signing with powerhouse talent agency CAA to explore film and TV projects based on RTFKT's intellectual property. And last month, Rumble Kong League (RKL) inked a deal with CAA Sports, so CAA's continued involvement serves to legitimize Web3 projects as well.

🎀 Founder Feedback

We've always built our brand to inspire the next generation of creators, accelerating a future where talent and creatives can merge cultures and technology in new ways. Being able to work with such a world-class team and explore new mediums for our IPs and creativity, such as TV, film and define what the future of interactive storytelling is a dream come true.Benoit Pagotto, founder of RTFKT

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RTFKT x CAA: Nike's Design Studio Signs With Talent Agency
Cryptokicks iRL Unhubbing Taking Place May 15-29
Julian Son

RTFKT announced that Cryptokicks iRL Hubbed NFT holders will have the opportunity to select a US shipping address between May 15th and 29th, with additional details on how the Unhubbing process will work to follow next week.

❗ Why It Matters

Unhubbing was originally scheduled to start on May 1, but instead will now take place in the back half of this month. Cryptokicks iRL Hubbed holders have a two-week window between May 15th and May 29th to unhub their sneakers and choose the address that the physical gets delivered to. This was done to give international holders time to find a place that would be able to reroute the shoes to them.

πŸ”™ Back It Up

Within the RTFKT Cryptokicks iRL collection, there are two different states of Cryptokicks iRL: "Forged" and "Hubbed" versions.

  • If Forged, the physical has already been redeemed, so don't purchase if you would like the corresponding physical component, as the Forged version is just a digital collectible.
  • Hubbed versions are basically confirmed preorders where the sneaker size and color were already assigned but the shipping address was not selected.

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Cryptokicks iRL Unhubbing Taking Place May 15-29
"The Signal" in the Noise

RTFKT released a trailer for its Pod burning event in a tweet this afternoon

❗ Why It Matters

Last week RTFKT released an artwork with a sneak peek of the now-released video on its Twitter. Today RTFKT shared more information on the Pod burning event which will start tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. ET.

As previously indicated, the trailer makes it apparent that RTFKT is focusing on storytelling and narrative within its digital products. 

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Prepare yourself for the burn mechanics with the following chart shared by RTFKT. 

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"The Signal" in the Noise
RTFKT: The Journey Begins Tomorrow

RTFKT updated holders on its initiatives and 2023 timelines, starting with pod burning, in a tweet thread on Monday afternoon. 

Why It Matters

Every indication is that RTFKT will focus on its foundations and its core collections through interactive storytelling, leading up to a major IRL event at the end of the year. The ambitious 2023 plans begin tomorrow when RTFKT's pod burning will commence. 

Founder Feedback

Ready for the journey??? What's next everyone? πŸ›£πŸ”ClegFX RTFKT

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Prepare yourself for the potential pod burning mechanics with the teaser chart breakdown.

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RTFKT: The Journey Begins Tomorrow
RTFKT Pod Burning Coming in January
Logan Hitchcock

RTFKT Pod burning will take place in January 2023, according to a tweet from company co-founder Benoit Pagotto.

Pagotto continued, providing a plethora of information to holders about the upcoming year for RTFKT and the entire Clone X ecosystem and beyond, citing four focuses for 2023: slower, better, together, and deliver. 

Each key theme was expanded upon in Pagotto's Twitter thread. 


The RTFKT ecosystem has rapidly expanded over the course of the last year, and the "slower" theme is intended to refocus the team on tying together the disparate parts of the ecosystem and simplifying along the way. 

"Quality and sustainable building is the priority above all," says Pagotto. 


Better communication is the central theme for RTFKT in 2023. 

Pagotto hints that new collector experiences are coming for Clone and Egg holders, one that will also involve the aforementioned Clone X Pods. 

This collector experience upgrade is expected to also include a revamped website. 


RTFKT remains committed to building and listening to its active and creative community members. 


Finally, a commitment to delivering on all the foundational products in the RTFKT ecosystem remains a priority for RTFKT in 2023. 


Struggling to keep track of all the moving parts in the RTFKT ecosystem? Refer to our comprehensive ecosystem guide.

RTFKT Pod Burning Coming in January
RTFKT Completes MNLTH X Airdrop, Addresses Community

RTFKT announced the appearance of MNLTH X on Thursday afternoon, with the new airdrop going out to holders of MNLTH 1 or 2 based on a snapshot taken on Dec. 5

MNLTH X currently holds a floor of .76 in early trading post-airdrop. 

The airdrop comes in the wake of a tumultuous week for RTFKT, which faced significant backlash following an initial announcement that IRL CryptoKicks would only be available to ship to holders in the United States

The floor price of MNLTH 1 is down 57% to 0.97 ETH over the last seven days, with MNLTH 2 down a whopping 92% to 0.108 over the same time period. 

RTFKT addressed the community prior to the airdrop on Thursday in a Twitter Spaces

RTFKT Completes MNLTH X Airdrop, Addresses Community
RTFKT Completes Eggsperience 1, Announces Wednesday Claim

RTFKT's first 'eggsperience' launched on Tuesday, advancing the lore of the recently released Project Animus via an interactive Twitch live stream.

Users were prompted to post commands in the chat such as !OVERRIDE and !PROTECT, which controlled the experience as the stream explored a secret research facility.

Eggsperience 2 will take place tomorrow, followed by the 'EGGDROP' claim according to the project's Twitter

RTFKT Completes Eggsperience 1, Announces Wednesday Claim
RTFKT Teases 'Clone X Story Mode'
Staff Writer

RTFKT released a video teasing a "Clone X Story Mode," which contained little information on the next steps for the project or what holders can do to take part in story mode.

The video opened with a loading bar with the following written underneath, almost illegibly:

"Clone DNA symbiosis in process

establishing contact with Clone X Research Facility and The Progenitor

Avatar interlink activated

Lone expansion mapping of the Omniverse inbound"

The video then cut to a map with equally small type highlighting four spots with the following information:

- Orbnar

34, 45 U54 34543

Location of the Clone X Research Facility The Progenitor is on the verge of unveiling its latest creation. Threat levels are high.

- Unknown

23 34 T-43 23432

Searching area for Artisan signal. Potential resource and artifacts detected. Scouting team has yet to be deployed

- Draco_42

5th magnitude K-type giant star within the Draco constellation

- Another spot on the map that appears to say "Omni Portals Detected."

The video ends with the word: "ENGAGED" with the words "Incubation, The Wandersmith, and The Exodus" underneath.

Prices on all RTFKT NFTs are stable since the 5 p.m. ET announcement Tuesday. There were also less than four messages in the RTFKT Discord in the 30 minutes after the announcement.

RTFKT Teases 'Clone X Story Mode'
How To Buy Your First Clone X NFT
Lou Sherman


  • Clone X is the official PFP project within the RTFKT Studios ecosystem.
  • Nike acquired RTFKT in December 2021
  • Clone X has become a leader in digital apparel and accessories.
  • The RTFKT ecosystem has expanded to PodX, MNTLH, Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS

What is Clone X?

Clone X is a collection of 20,000 3D NFTs from RTFKT Studios, an augmented reality (AR) fashion brand.

Clone X launched on October 22, 2021, at a public mint price of 2 ETH. The initial sale was supposed to be carried out in a Dutch Auction format starting at 3 ETH, but a DDoS attack made the website unusable and required the mint to be paused. Once the site was stabilized, the team decided to reopen minting at a flat 2 ETH cost.

Though the public sale price was 2 ETH, individuals holding an NFT from previous RTFKT drops were available to mint up to three Clone X NFTs via a presale. The mint price for wallets on the presale list was 0.05 ETH. 

Upon minting during the public or presale phase, users received a Clone X Mintvial, ERC-1155 NFT. In order to receive an official Clone X NFT, users needed to "burn" their Mintvial NFT, redeeming a Clone X. 

There is an indefinite redemption period for Clone X Mintvial NFTs. At the time of writing, 358 Clone X Mintvials remain and hold a floor price of 14 ETH. 

Key Players in the Clone X Ecosystem

The Clone X Ecosystem is headlined by the following key players. 

Takashi Murakami - legendary Japanese contemporary artist who contributed many of the cartoonish artworks to the collection, including the highly coveted "Murakami Drip" traits.

Murakami did the artwork for Kanye West's "Graduation" album cover.

Benit0 - co-Founder of RTFKT Studios, previously worked with global esports organization Fnatic.

Steven Vasilev (@Zaptio) - co-Founder of RTFKT Studios, Chief Executive Officer, and Senior Director of Product Digital/Physical at Nike.


Origins of Clone X

Clone X is a project created by RTFKT Studios, but its connections to the digital sneaker and apparel world have separated this collection from the pack.

On December 13, 2021, RTFKT was acquired by Nike. The floor price of the collection doubled after news of this acquisition came out. Controversy rose as there were a few accounts that purchased a large selection of Clone X NFTs in the days leading up to the announcement, alluding that these accounts knew of the news ahead of time and acted on it.

Value of Clone X

The RTFKT and Clone X ecosystem has become a leader in digital clothing and accessories. Holders of Clone X NFTs have been rewarded with RTFKT PodX, MNLTH, and Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS airdrops.

On July 4, 2022, RTFKT "unlocked" Clone X NFTs for holders. Clone X holders can connect can to the inventory website to download their matching 3D Files. The files are available in .max .blend .c4d .gltf and.fbx formats for use in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Holders have full commercial rights to their respective Clone X NFTs. The 3D files allow collectors to become creators with their avatars. Video games, content, merchandise, and other personal branding possibilities are available to each holder.

Unfortunately though, Murakami Drip Clones do not have full commercial rights as they are considered Murakami's fine art.


PodX is a collection of ERC-1155 tokens that represent RTFKT rooms that holders can customize to display their NFTs. Holders can design the room with furniture and display it how they wish. PodX is powered by the RTFKT partnership with oncyber.


MNLTH is a collection of ERC-1155 tokens displayed as mysterious boxes that were airdropped to Clone X and PodX holders. MNLTH was the first co-branded product between RTFKT and Nike, representing Nike's first NFT release.

RTFKT announced a series of quests that would be required before the MNLTH boxes were revealed. The quests were not required, but the MNLTH slowly started to “break” open as they were completed. 

Opening an MNLTH box revealed Nike CryptoKicks, Skin Vials, and MNLTH 2. The RTFKT X NIKE MONOLITH continues the MNLTH story and is powered by Dart X.

Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS

Nike CryptoKicks is the first digital sneaker collectible from Nike, minted randomly from the MNLTH box as mentioned above. Skin Vials allow holders to upgrade their CryptoKicks with limited edition skins. RTFKT's first Skin Vial Tech collection, EVO X, features 8 Clone X DNA-based Evolutive Skins.

How to Buy Clone X

Users who wish to purchase a Clone X NFT can follow the following steps.

  • Go to an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2.
  • Browse for rarity with the Lucky Trader asset explorer OR;
  • Purchase a Mintvial and exchange it on the RTFKT website for a CloneX avatar with random traits
    • Mintvials present the opportunity to unveil a rare Clone X NFT, so the floor price tends to trade higher. The NFTs also become rarer over time as fewer vials remain to be claimed (358 at the time of writing). 
How To Buy Your First Clone X NFT