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An XCOPY Emerges
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A newly minted NFT from XCOPY is live for auction on SuperRare, according to a tweet from the artist and platform

❗Why It Matters

XCOPY is perhaps the most notable artist in NFT history and each time a new work is minted, it demands a lot of attention (and ETH). Because of the demand on the early XCOPY works, it is not often that market participants have an opportunity to fetch an XCOPY 1/1.

The Deets

The latest piece, "LA WHENEVER" utilizes XCOPY's typical glitch style and holds a simple description of "ya know?"

📊 By the Numbers

Minted early this morning on SuperRare, "LA WHENEVER" already holds multipled bids, with the highest resting at 42.69 ETH (~$73,000). For comparison, the cheapest XCOPY 1/1 on SuperRare is listed for 288.420 ETH.

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Users can bid on or admire the latest XCOPY on SuperRare

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An XCOPY Emerges
XCOPY Teases Wednesday Deca Drop

XCOPY teased a potential drop coming tomorrow on the generative art platform Deca, the famed crypto artist tweeted Tuesday.

No further details were provided. This post will be updated as more information emerges regarding the drop. 

XCOPY Teases Wednesday Deca Drop