Weekly Recap NFT Volume Report | Decreasing NFT Volume and Steady Floors

Weekly Recap NFT Volume Report | Decreasing NFT Volume and Steady Floors

As the weekend approaches, a shortened week comes to a close, headlined by decreasing NFT volumes and steady floors. 

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*All data is taken from the Lucky Trader Project Rankings page and is based on the last seven days of volume unless stated otherwise.

First Tier NFTs

*First Tier in this article is considered collections with a floor price of 10.0 ETH or more.

With any group, a team is only as strong as its leaders, so it is always important to watch what the heaviest of hitters in the space are doing.

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Bored Ape Yacht Club 4,572.00 -22.28% 92.80 +2.56%
Moonbirds 2,582.00 +27.89% 26.00 +23.81%
Azuki 993.00 +11.32% 11.00 +0.92%
Clone X 1,634.00 +5.90% 11.69 +0.00%
Doodles 965.00 -46.80% 13.55 +4.23%
CryptoPunks 1,910.00 -58.23% 67.95% +0.00%

Before diving into each individual project, let us look into the numbers here. Volume for most of the first-tier collections in the space is down this week and for the second week in a row, no project other than ENS has done more than 5,000 ETH in volume. On the bright side, even with that being the case no project has lost any monetary value this week, in fact, they are all up in USD. 

Bored Apes have consistently been in the top three in total volume for a while now and the overall Yuga ecosystem has shown no signs that it will be losing market dominance as assets produced from the Ape ecosystem make out three of the top four spots in total volume this week. Also a bright spot for BAYC this week was a solid gold fur ape sold for 670 ETH, while not the highest sale of all time, that sale if on OpenSea would've been the highest ever Ape sale on the leading NFT marketplace. 

Many users began flocking to NFT platforms to purchase a Moonbird this week after its parent company PROOF sent in a trademark application for "Moon Ravens." Details of why the team requested the trademark are currently unknown but the market may not care, as the collection's floor is up more than 20 percent this week. 

Azuki did less than 1,000 ETH in volume this week as the project only mustered up 78 total sales, just more than 11 sales per day. 

Clone X announced this week that users would be receiving 3D files as well as the IP rights to their NFT. Nothing really changed metric-wise for the project based on that as the volume and floor price is on par with the week prior. Sometimes though, an announcement with no movement in either direction can be viewed as a win for NFT holders. For example, Coolman's Universe recently revealed its long-anticipated announcement was the creation of an animated series...and then within the hour saw its floor price drop 20 percent.

A week ago, Doodles successfully sold out its collection of 20,000 Genesis Box NFTs at a price of 0.508 per NFT. The week that preceded that included an announcement about Doodles 2 and the addition of Pharell Williams to the company.  Since that time the project has experienced a 46 percent drop off in volume and the Genesis Box is currently trading 20 percent below the mint price. It is worth noting that since the sellout of the Genesis Box auction the team has been almost radio silent as none of its tweets since have been original content from the team. 

Rounding out the first-tier is CryptoPunks. A couple of weeks ago Yuga announced that Punk holders would soon be receiving details of their IP rights. Much like Doodles though, that announcement has been followed by silence, with volume trickling lower as a result. 

Middle Tier

*Middle Tier in this article is considered collections with a floor price of 3.00-9.99 ETH.

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Gutter Cat Gang 62.00 -69.61% 6.50 +6.56%
Cool Cats 146.00 -57.31% 3.90 +0.26%
World of Women 190.00 +2.06% 4.25 +8.85%
Murakami Flowers 540.00 +65.64% 3.60 +12.85%


Gutter Cat Gang has eight sales this week and hasn't seen a sale on OpenSea in the last two days. Despite this, the floor of the project is up this week by almost seven percent. The week prior the Gutter ecosystem boomed in value after its co-founder GutterDan posted an ominous tweet about "$Gang Wars." $GANG is the project's upcoming utility token and it looks like for now users are willing to hold and wait for more news on that front despite the heavy drop-off in volume.

Last week was the one-year anniversary of the mint of Cool Cats and the team threw a Town Hall to celebrate. While the market reacted kindly to the event the blue cats put on at NFT NYC, that volume has since calmed down with Cool Cats being down 57 percent in volume this week. But much like other collections that have seen volume take a hit, the floor of the project has been unaffected by the drop-off in total sales.

Earlier this week World of Women airdropped holders "Capacitors." Details are sparse but the project did inform users that World of Women Galaxy holders will be receiving Capacitors as well but at an unknown time. The market has reacted kindly to the news as the floor of the project just prior to the airdrop was 3.88 ETH and it now sits at 4.25 ETH.

Takashi Murakami, the artist and founder of Murakami Flowers, announced a snapshot of holders will be occurring on July 10. The purpose of the snapshot is unknown, but the market does not seem to mind as the collection has seen its volume increase by 65 percent this week and its floor climb to 3.60 ETH, an increase of almost 13 percent in the same time span. 

Lower Tier

*Lower Tier in this article is considered collections with a floor price of 1.00-2.99 ETH.

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Otherdeed 3,667.00 -37.09% 2.85 +0.35%
goblintown.wtf 653.00 -32.36% 2.55 -8.27%
Jenkins The Valet 135.00 +70.89% 1.87 +35.25%
Killa Bears 573.00 +227.43% 1.69 +91.21%


Otherdeeds saw a nice run-up last week when it was announced users will be able to test out the project's upcoming metaverse. This week we got a sneak peek at what Yuga Labs has been building and while volume is down the floor price is still slightly up. 

The Goblins look to be breaking the trend that we have been seeing this week with lower volume not necessarily equaling a lower floor price. Goblins have seen its volume decrease by 32 percent this week and its floor hit 2.55 ETH, a decrease of eight percent from the week prior. The project saw a meteoric rise to stardom but has cooled down since the team behind the project unveiled themselves.

This week Jenkins The Valet unveiled more details about its upcoming project's mint mechanics. It was also revealed that the contract for the project was created by long-time crypto and NFT community member Foobar. With the project expanding its ecosystem in multiple ways, the project has seen a huge boom in volume and floor price.

No profile picture project with a floor above 1.0 ETH has had a better week than Killa Bears in terms of a percentage change. The collection has seen multiple double-digit ETH sales throughout the week despite its floor being under 2.0 ETH, while trading more volume than Gutter Cat Gang and Cool Cats combined. 

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